Evan Rubinson, Is He Tanking Dean Guitars? A Former Dean Guitars Exec Weighs In

By John Sullivan Investigative Reporter

We’ve been reporting since Evan Rubinson took over Armadillo Enterprises/Dean Guitar that it’s been one utter disaster after another.  A former Dean Executive contacted us and wanted to share a few thoughts on the subject.

You were telling me he pays his vendors what he wants or buries them with his lawyers.

Former Dean Employee: He walks around with like a fleet of lawyers. Anybody gets to him, it’s “Call my lawyer, call my lawyer.” and they fire off letters.  He plays off of the fact that he’s got a lot of disposable income, (Thanks to Daddy), and that’s what he does. He thinks he can do anything he wants and say what he wants, and people are going to cower.  I know some vendors he’s fucked out of money, and they’re like, “Hey, Dude, we went after him, and he assaulted us with lawyers, to the point that even my lawyers were like, you don’t have the money to defend it.” “They’re going to start filing against us, and we’ll have to appear in court because the kid’s a scumbag, and that’s how he plays.”

How does he talk about his endorsee’s?

Former Dean Employee: His demeanor, is that nobody on this planet is more important than Evan. Evan argues with Dave Mustaine. I’m like, Dude, without Dave Mustaine, you wouldn’t have lights on in this place. You know, because your other artist that keeps the lights on has been dead for 16 fucking years(Dimebag). so you gotta pull back on the “I’m the king of the fucking world there because Mustaine is like, “go suck a dick pal.” But he’s like, “This fucking asshole. This uneducated prick” And I’m like it’s Dave Mustaine, you know. He sells how many of your guitars?

That the problem with Evan is that he has never worked a day in his life. He’s got no sweat equity into this company, this business of any kind. And if Dean Guitars closed tomorrow, it would not affect his lifestyle for one second. So even if the greatest deal in the world fell into Evan’s lap right now, if Evan didn’t come up with the idea, he wouldn’t take it out of principle because he doesn’t care. He shows up at that office about 4 hours a week if that.

What about our good friend Adam the marketing guy who says he never knew Wayne Odell even though Wayne hired him?

Former Dean Employee: Adam is entirely clueless.  He’s a University of Tampa graduate, right out of Tampa, and he knows nothing. He’s very loyal to Evan, and that’s how he got his “position” even though Wayne Odell hired him right out of college.

What did you do for Evan?

Former Dean Employee: I told him he had no brand strategy on anything. I told him Mustaine and Dimebag are all they have going for them.  He wase’s like, “Yeah, no shit.” So I tried to implement changes in his strategies and the way the company operates its finances.  It would be 3 am when he’s cranked out on his Adderall, he starts firing off these texts that say things like, “You’re a piece of shit. And “What the fuck did you do this for? Why wasn’t this invoice done?” And I’m like, “Whoa, whoa, you’re on a fucking roll, Junior. We can talk about this at 9 in the morning.” But he’s hungover at 9 in the morning. He won’t be in until 3 in the afternoon, and he forgets half of the fucking shit he said.

You’re dealing with a kid with a fucking problem who doesn’t understand business. Everything he tries to do, he leads by fear.

I love how he puts at the top; these opinions are from Evan Rubinson for investment advice. So anything he tries to Tweet or post, that is not related to Dean, gets no engagement. So the problem is, while he despises the place because he did not get along with his father, everybody in there is a scumbag. It’s the only thing that gets him. That’s where he struggles. He is nothing. At least there, he is the president and CEO by default.

They built their empire from commercial property they bought in Florida.

Guys like Michael Angelo Batio, who was always flying the Dean Flag. He’d call Evan daily. At least give the guy some love. And he’s like fuck him. He’s a has-been. I’m like okay, whatever.

What about their longtime COO Wayne Odell? How did they get him off on all of those child pornography charges?

Former Dean Employee: The police raided Wayne’s home and came to Dean and took some stuff for evidence.

Evan Rubinson, Is He Tanking Dean Guitars? A Former Dean Guitars Exec Weighs In

They went fucking nuts. So, long story short of it, for whatever reason,  the Rubinsons stepped in and hired attorneys and got him down to like 18 months. It cost them a fortune.  Why would they do that? Evan’s take on it was he a long time family friend. And it cost a fortune. So the thing was, the question is, why would the Rubinsons do that? Evan’s take on it was he was a family friend for a long time. Million plus dollars to get a guy off on child pornography charges?

7 thoughts on “Evan Rubinson, Is He Tanking Dean Guitars? A Former Dean Guitars Exec Weighs In

  1. I worked with Elliott Rubinson at Throughbred Music from 1979-1991 , boy could I tell you some stories.

    1. Is it as good as them spending millions of dollars to keep a kiddy porn addict out of jail?

  2. This is Juicy!!!!! I knew something was wrong with this company. They also seem to not care to endorse any artists that are relevant these days.

  3. I went to their warehouse in Dec of 2019 for a dealer invite. My first impression of Evan was his Lamborghini convertible parked in the handicap space of the building even though there were dozens of open spaces available. I can attest that once meeting him, I felt he was arrogant and was a complete turn-off to me as a dealer for their guitars. The rest of the staff there were awesome though, and really gave a damn about their product and what we thought as retailers. They saved the day for sure.

    Adam may be “clueless” about Dean because his main focus is on Luna, the other brand that Armadillo carries that Evan is unfortunately in charge of. While it may seem weird he was hired right out of college, he fits the Luna brand, and it makes sense.

    I worry for the company. Since Evan took over, it takes 4-8 months to get product in once I order it. Costs are rising, but the product quality is not. I wish he would just put someone else in his position who gives a damn, because I’d hate to see all of those good people lose their jobs because of his ego.

  4. Hi Armadillo Dealer comment #3 I saw that car parked in a handicapped spot while going to the DOA event. He must of not of been noticing where he pulled into. There is nothing from me that would be negative about this company. You can order and have them build Custom Shop quality USA Deans in their shop. Their customer service and company are great! Check out my YouTube channel: guitarjamjohnny

  5. So …. parking your Lamborghini in a handicap spot, treating people like garbage, being an egotistical asshole and getting your CEO out of the joint with a slap on the wrist after being arrested for multiple counts of child pornography is wrong than who wants to be right!!! Amen and hallelujah. Here in Miami, the land of cocaine, strip malls and shitty dance music we at PureSalem Guitars (shameless self plug) can only shake our heads and laugh at the soap opera world that is MI. Retail. Please folks don’t park in handicapped spots. Unless of course you are handicapped. Then feel free. …. Wonder when the next round of Gibson C&D’s will go out? ……. ‘And So Are The Days Of Our Lives” ….

  6. i bought c350f in 2019 for 400€ and after a while the necks clear coat started coming off and chrome on the bridge, tone, volume etc… started to worn off. i contacted their support and filed a complaint but no answer. They say to wait for reply in the next business day but its been almost a month now and no reply. They don’t take responsibility for selling bad quality products and then has the balls to shit on people who made them what they are now. it’s the fall of dean guitars and they won’t be missed. RIP Elliot.

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