ESP Guitars Picks Up US/Canadien Distribution For Engl Amplifiers

ENGL is one of the world’s most highly respected manufacturers of tube amps and cabinets… and as of January 2019, people in the USA and Canada are going to have a much easier time finding and buying their favorite ENGL amps. ESP is taking on the US/Canada distribution of these acclaimed amp products for guitar and bass players, giving you a better opportunity to try them out in person or order them online. ENGL Amplifiers got their start in 1983, and for over 35 years have been producing boutique-level amplifier tools with the quality and reliability that serious players expect from their rig!

ESP Guitars Picks Up US/Canadien Distribution For Engl Amplifiers

Heads, Combos and More

ENGL designs and builds some of the world’s best all-tube heads and combos, as well as cabinets, rackmount preamps and power amps, bass amps/cabinets, acoustic amps and more. From the Powerball to the Fireball… Artist Editions through Signature Series… Retro Tube to Rockmaster… ENGL amps are available with a multitude of wattage and features that make them excellent for every application from songwriting and jamming to studio recording to your next world tour! To learn all the details and specifications about the full range of ENGL products, visit their web site at englamps.de.

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