August 17, 2022
Emma Garell Releases Video For "Destination Anaheim"

If you live around the Virginia/Maryland area, be sure to check out Emma Garell and her band.

Emma Garell grew up using her singing voice to speak for her. She lulls the listener into a sense of whispered magic, then out of nowhere, she belts with the power of the greats. Friends have called her Princess of Darkness, and Roberta Plant…the truth lies somewhere in between as she takes these influences and finds her sound. Having a wide range of vocal gifts, you won’t be surprised to hear a wide array of musical styling, all within the power of a haunting voice.

She dreamed of being on Broadway as a child until she found herself studying at School of Rock in Richmond, Virginia at the age of 14. There she fell in love with the classic blues-based metal of Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Upon graduating from their program at 17, she became the rock powerhouse female vocalist that Richmond, VA was looking for with her cover band Bismuth (2017-2018) with Eli Gilmer on guitar, Alex Knickelbein on bass, and Riley Beynon on drums. It was not long before she found a reason to separate herself from cover band life and take some time to find her sound.

Emma Garell Releases Video For "Destination Anaheim"

She has found it! Now backed by a School of Rock instructor CJ Alicea on drums, previous School of Rock director Andrew Rohlk on guitar, and WRIR DJ Sammy P. Stiles on bass.

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