Eddie Trunk: “Shredder Type Of Guitarists Don’t Have Mass Market Appeal”

I decided to call Eddie Trunks Show yesterday on Sirius/XM.  I wanted to ask him, why doesn’t he ever mention guitarists like Chris Impellitteri and others.  I waited patiently and he took my call.  I asked why he doesn’t.  “The problem with guys like that is they don’t have mass market appeal.  Why isn’t Tony MacAlpine mentioned more?”  That’s also a good question!

Obviously, Trunk has the larger audience of broadcasters in the rock and metal genre.  Trunk being Captain Obvious in stating that shredder type players don’t have mass market appeal.  Duh? My question was, you have hours of broadcasting time on Sirius XM.  You could be giving these guys a plug and helping to get their music out to more people.  If these guys were in UFO, you’d know right down to the color of there underwear talking about them every five minutes.

Chris Impellitteri has sold over 2 million albums in his career.  That’s pretty good for someone who has virtually no airplay. Some of the bands you have on repeatedly haven’t sold more than 100,000 albums in their career.  Is there something special about them?  Maybe their part of your special UFO fan club?

My point is, you could be helping these folks careers by taking 2-3 minutes out of your broadcast and talk about their new projects.  Guys like Chris Impellitteri and Tony MacAlpine have a bigger audience than you give them credit for.

If you think you’re too good to mention shredders or guitarists, don’t worry because that’s I started allthatshreds.com.  I will carry the flag to promote their music to one visitor at a time.

Impellitteri does have a new album coming out in October!

Tony MacAlpine’s Death of Roses is out!

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  1. Definitely a good point. Sometimes there’s too much living in the past and not enough what’s going on today. There are some more contemporary artists that could have serious draw if given the proper attention.

  2. Technically, brutally great…. However, that kind of playing is somewhat of a novelty and doesn’t express ” feeling ” ….. No feel to it what so ever

  3. Good campaign , I’m in !! The shredders in the past was a big force in rock until uncle Kurt came but it’s a a legions a legions of fans that respect and definitively wants to keep the flags of the good playing guitar

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