August 18, 2022
Duane Morano Releases Lyric Video For "Manhatten' Featuring Nita Strauss

Duane Morano discusses the background of Manhattan:

Manhattan was written by Dan Michaels and I back in 1991 when we played in a band together, so this song is a tip of the hat to our youth. When Dan was growing up (in an old school Italian family), they would sit around the dinner table with friends, cousins, etc. and discuss things over cake and coffee.  It seemed like the older family members would always be complaining about something.   They would tell stories about how nice it was in the old days (like the ’50s and ’60s!).  Church dances, Coney Island, Manhattan, etc.  It was so safe his mom would ride the train by herself at 12 years old. All the neighbors knew each other, and everyone got along. Central Park was very safe and beautiful too. Over the years, NY took a bad turn in their opinion. It got very dangerous, and you could no longer walk alone for fear of getting mugged or worse (“if you walk alone you’d better watch your back”).  His family was from New York to Florida in the late ’70s. He wrote the lyrics based on the horror stories his family would tell him about it. What was once so beautiful became a dangerous place to be.

Manhattan was always supposed to have two guitarists with very different style solos. Being an Ibanez junkie, I was familiar with the guitar work of Nita Strauss. One day on facebook I saw she was putting together her first CD, so I checked it out. She had a few different packages available for people to support her project, and one of them was to hire her to play on your project. I thought it would be cool to have her play on this track with Pat, Dan, Mikey, and I. She has a unique style, tremendous talent, and it would be cool to mix it up by having someone from the next generation of players interpret the music of my generation. After a few emails back and forth to coordinate, I sent her an MP3 of the song with a big blank spot on where she was to come in and end along with my solo so she could figure out how she wanted to approach the transition. A few went by, and she sent me back this killer solo that made me grin from ear to ear when listening to it the first time. She’s truly a class act all the way around and is so grateful to her for playing with the “accountant.”

Nita Strauss quotes:

I was super excited to be a part of this track alongside Duane Morano, Pat Badger, Dan Michaels, and Michael Foster.

I love to see people that have regular day jobs, regular normal lives, taking off that accountant hat for a day, putting on the rockstar hat and making such a kickass song.

Check it out; I’m going to be checking it out as well. 

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