May 30, 2023
Don't Ever Believe A Band And Their "Farewell" Tours

With the recent announcement of Motley Crue coming out of retirement, social media has been abuzz with both positive and negative views.  People are rightfully pissed off that paid big money to see the Crue on their “final” tour in 2015.  They even went as far as holding a press conference signing a final tour cessation contract.  The only way it could be voided is if all four members agreed to rescind it.

Statistics and numbers since The Dirt premiered have the Crue’s music to be more popular than ever. With the state of the band members, is it a wise decision to cash grab on a stadium tour when your lead singer is always out of breath, sounding horrible like he’s trying to take a shit and Mick having health issues to where he can’t stand for a long time?  See the below video for an example of the current vocal ability of Vince.

Nikki is a mastermind that doesn’t need extra money and could his god giving talent towards Sixx A.M., his photography hobby or a new project,  Tommy is still drumming and working on his latest project.  When LiveNation reportedly waves 150 million dollars at you, minds can be changed.

Motley Crue has given its fans decades of music and songs that are a staple to many people’s daily lives.  Sold out concerts, crazy stories, the awesome 80’s. Shouldn’t it stay that way? Or has greed overcome a band that regularly dissed KISS for its farewell tours?

The new legions of fans will be thinking they’re going to get the Crue that was portrayed in the movie.  Def Leppard has fared better with time, and they’re still playing their bubblegum music.  Bret Michaels and the guys from Poison can always put on one hell of a show.

Should bands be held accountable when they tour on a “farewell” tour then comeback? Iron Maiden hasn’t.  Don’t ever believe a band’s “farewell” tour.  KISS is on its 20th by now.  There will be people who will lay down hundreds of dollars. The cash grab was too much, not say no also.  For a 150 million, you bet LiveNation will have a list of demands for the band before the tour starts and backing tracks or off stage singers to help Vince sing if you want to call his shrieking like he’s constipated singing.

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