Don Dokken’s New Solo Album Is More Proof He Needs To Retire

I was kind of excited when Don Dokken’s new solo album arrived in my email.  I was thinking maybe something similar to his 1990 solo album with guitar whiz Jon Levin adding his magic.  Boy, was I wrong. I forgot this is just a re-issue of his old album.

His re-issue is an acoustic stripdown of songs that include just him.  This is one of the worst albums I’ve heard, and I listen to a lot of garbage that comes through my email.  When you hear the stories of Don being drunk at shows, treating opening acts like shit, blaming his horrible voice on clubs PA’s, and recently being booed at the metal awards as he was drunk as a skunk and accused the muscle relaxers he was taking on a recent surgery he had.

Let’s not coddle this, Dokken’s voice is shot.  He continues to show up to gigs trashed and has done a disservice to Dokken fans.  The upcoming shows with George Lynch, who are they going to see?  Lynch, of course. Jon Levin too!

What’s also surprising is Don Dokken is allowing his name to be used on conman Lance Benedict and his fraudulent scam of a company TTM Guitars website as an endorsee. Benedict and his TTM Guitars scheme have lawsuits pending, judgments rendered and is under investigation by state and federal law enforcement for every kind of fraud in the English dictionary. That speaks volumes in itself.

Jon Levin, who’s a monster of a guitar player should form his own supergroup.  Don is further embarrassing himself with albums like this and his terrible performances.  He’s one example of someone who should’ve retired long ago.

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