June 2, 2023
Don Dokken Appears Lethargic While Performing With Dokken In Virginia Last Week

Dokken recently performed in Virginia last week with a fan-filmed video of the concert showing a lethargic, out of it Don Dokken trying to sing “It’s Not Love.”

Dokken has said recently in an interview that he’ll no longer be able to play guitar as he had surgery last December.  It was originally reported that he was going to make a full recovery from that procedure.

There have been several videos that have surfaced over the years of Dokken in the same type of lethargic, inebriated state.

12 thoughts on “Don Dokken Appears Lethargic While Performing With Dokken In Virginia Last Week

  1. Hang it up Don.. Stop embarrassing yourself.. You move like a 100 year old man. Keep whatever pride you may have left and retire..

    1. He is 67 years old. I didn’t expect a high energy rock concert. I thought it was a good show. The band was rocking and Don did ok. Happy he is still out there doing his thing!

  2. Yea Don we all love what you have accomplished over the years you are a legend..let’s leave it where it was..don’t do this to yourself..if you can’t give it 100% do do it brother.

  3. Just because it doesn’t appear that he’s given 100% doesn’t mean he isn’t, I’m guessing the love of his music is what gets him to go up on stage with a paralyzed limb so be glad your in great health and cheer on kip winger😁

  4. Don and Vince Neil should get together and join a local gym. These guys just don’t know when they need to put down the beer, joint, or whatever and invest in a good green drink to keep the gravy train rolling. Look at Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, the stones, they figured it out that the older you get, you have to actually put in effort to keep performing.

      1. Don cant sing and move like he could in the 80’s but my God! Look at what the man has been through. He has given us over 30 years of great music. We had Red Reign as an opener and Reb Beach on lead guitar with the rest if the band. “To high to fly was an awesome performance,,! I guess what im trying to say is we loved him in the 80’s, now respect what he has done in the new millennium. Shame on you all! Can you do what you did in the 80’s ?? Rock On Don!

  5. Hydrocodone and vodka. The bass guitar sings better than you do. Not the bass guitarist, the actual bass guitar. That’s when the drummer actually felt like he was doing a real gig and picked it up and said yeah we’re rocking now! But then creeping death came back up, and ruined it again. God bless you Don Dokken.

  6. Let’s say im a professional marathon runner and I get injured and can’t run any longer but I’m still in love with the sport. Do I expect to keep getting paid to walk it? That’s what Don Dokken is doing by continuing to perform at this level. It’s very underperforming at best. I had a chance to witness it once and only once. My choice not to pay to hear it, that’s just me. He was my biggest inspiration as a metal singer. Those chops will always be on wax, why tarnish it, retire and enjoy what you’ve given the rock community.

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