Dokken’s Jon Levin Gives An Update On A New Dokken Album And Future Touring Plans

By Andrew Catania

I recently spoke to Jon Levin from Dokken about future touring plans and a new Dokken album.

“We’re on the road all of July; we come back to do some US dates, then were back to Europe.” Explains Levin.  “As November and December come, and things slow down, we’re going to start writing for a new Dokken record,”  I asked if it was going to have the classic Dokken sound or going in a new direction.  “It’s definitely going to have the classic Dokken sound.  We should have it released in May of 2018 I’m thinking,” says Levin.

When I asked him his opinion about George Lynch stating in my April 2017 interview with him that he stated there’s going to be another Dokken reunion, Levin says he encouraged singer Don Dokken to do the last one.  “I encouraged Don to do the reunion last fall.  If they do another reunion, I’m perfectly fine with it.  It’s Don’s decision to make.”  Don Dokken said in a previous interview that he doesn’t see the need for another Dokken reunion as the current lineup is doing fantastic.

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