Dirty Honey's Debut EP Is Nothing Short Of Excellent

Dirty Honey’s Debut EP Is Nothing Short Of Excellent

By Allyson Kingsley

Well, well, we have a treat for you in this album. With my first listen through of Dirty Honey, I was reminiscing of the badass rock and metal of the 80s and 90s. The energy, the enthusiasm, the fun, all that feel-good stuff that inevitably led to nights of debauchery. Upon several more listens, I was enamored of the musicians’ exquisite talent.

   Marc Labelle has this phenomenal gravelly voice that immediately captures you. Think Jeff Keith of Tesla. I’m not even sure of the reason for the carnal allure of his vocals, but trust me, his singing is sensational. With the duo of John Notto, guitarist, and the rhythmic bass skills of Justin Smolian, the music is sexy and smooth. Drummer Corey Coverstone keeps it relatively jazzy.

   Their first released single “When I’m Gone” has some elements of blues, a southern rock twinge, a down and dirty rock number born and bred in Los Angeles, California. Obviously anyone worth their salt in the Rock and metal genre (or at least old enough to remember), LA was the stomping grounds for that classic 80s rock/glam/metal sound.  

  We ride into their second released single “Rolling 7s,” and this has a foot-tapping bluesy groove with just enough edge to keep it raw. I hear a Doors influence to the riffs. I’m sure by a listen; you’ll understand what the lyrics speak of. A hint goes with drugs and Rock n roll.  

   “Down the Road” is my choice pick, and it feels like Lynyrd Skynyrd (“Tuesdays Gone”) crossed with Janis Joplin. A real, luxurious 70s ambiance. Again Marc’s vocals are like an aphrodisiac to your senses. We continue the husky 70s bluesy/jazzy style mixed with a little hint of psychedelia and a whole lot of stoner rhythm with “Scars.” These songs must sound breathtaking when performed live. (Hint- Come to New England guys!) This six-song short player is a fine and hugely entertaining shot of classic melodic hard rock. Hopefully, it’s also the promise of more to come. Easily recommended.


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