August 12, 2022
DiMarzio Announces New John Petrucci Rainmaker and Dreamcatcher Pickups

DiMarzio has announced the new Rainmaker neck and Dreamcatcher bridge six- and seven-string pickups, developed for Dream Theater’s John Petrucci.

The design is available in four iterations—the Rainmaker Neck (DP281), Rainmaker 7 Neck (DP723), Dreamcatcher Bridge (DP282F) and Dreamcatcher 7 Bridge (DP724). According to Petrucci, the new pickups are “the quintessential tone-monsters we’ve been working on together since our very first collaboration, and the end result is absolutely mind-blowing.”

Designed specifically for Petrucci’s signature Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty guitar, the pickups are touted as having an increased sensitivity to pick attack and great dynamic range.

The Rainmaker Neck and Rainmaker 7 Neck are designed for warmer highs and more open mids, while the Dreamcatcher Bridge and Dreamcatcher 7 Bridge “focus more power on the low mids to allow the bridge position to cut through the mix without brittle highs or muddy lows.”

The Rainmaker Neck (for 6-string guitars) is available in standard spacing only. The Dreamcatcher Bridge (for 6-string guitars) is available in F-spacing only.

The Rainmaker Neck and Dreamcatcher Bridge are available for $89.99 each, while the Rainmaker 7 Neck and Dreamcatcher 7 Bridge are available for $99.99each.

For more information or to purchase, head to DiMarzio.com.

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