Demons And Wizards Release “III”

By Allyson Kingsley

Fifteen years have flown by since we last had a release from Demons & Wizards, and now that the third album is here, I cannot believe it has been that long. With Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) and Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) at the helm, you get mastery.

   III stands as it’s own entity with bombastic thrash riffs strewn together with great power metal accompaniment. Different from the second album, you will hear a bit of hard rock influences as well.

   “Diabolic” starts us off, and although 8 minutes in length, it is a beautiful masterpiece.  Hansi’s harmonies and Jon’s aggressive riffing style gives it potency. It closes with Hansi’s melancholic chants and leaves you slightly breathless in its beauty.

   “Invincible” has a spectacular chorus that continues to be robust, emotive, and stirring. “Timeless Spirit,” although lengthy, is a truly artistically stunning creation. 

   The sheer imagination and creativity that has been poured into this album are incredible. Demons & Wizards are undaunted and brilliant. These songs may seem complicated and challenging to some, but they also flow quite beautifully,  displaying not only talent but a staggering innate grasp of the nature of power metal.




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