Deadland Ritual Feat Geezer Butler, Matt Sorum & Steve Stevens Watch New Video “Broken And Bruised”

“Broken And Bruised”, the first Michael P. Blevins-directed video from DEADLAND RITUAL, the band featuring bassist Geezer Butler (BLACK SABBATH), guitarist Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOLVINCE NEIL), drummer Matt Sorum (GUNS N’ ROSESVELVET REVOLVER) and singer Franky Perez (APOCALYPTICA), can be seen below.

The sound of DEADLAND RITUAL isn’t typical for any of the members involved and while they all maintain their own distinctive hallmarks, it’s united with a renewed spirit and something immediately recognizable as unique.

“I was working on a new solo album when this came to light,” Butler noted. “It was appealing for me to work in a band environment because that’s what I’m used to, so [it] feels really natural.”

As for how the lineup fell into place when asked who called who when starting the project, Sorum recalled: “Steve and Franky were the first guys I called. We knew we wanted to create a heavier rock sound, but when I contacted Geezer and he agreed to play, I knew this could be a great band. Not long after we connected with producer Greg FidelmanDEADLAND RITUALwas born.”

Stevens said about his first studio session with Butler: “There’s a lot of times in the studio as a guitar player, you get a guitar sound and you’re trying to make it work, tweaking it. There was none of that bullshit. It just fit against his bass sound and it was really exciting to me. I get to hear my guitar against a bass guitarist that I’ve idolized forever.”

DEADLAND RITUAL made its U.S. live debut this past Tuesday (May 28) at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California. A European tour will follow in June.

The band released its first song, “Down In Flames”, in December. The track, which was produced by Fidelman (METALLICASLIPKNOT), was made available via Sonik Riot Records/AWAL powered by Kobalt.

Butler told Billboard that there is no long-term plan for DEADLAND RITUAL at the moment. “We’re just going to see how it goes,” he said. “We’ve written seven songs up to now, so we have to get those recorded. We’ve got quite a few record companies interested. But at first, it was ‘have a jam, and let’s do some festivals.’ But it seems to have gone beyond that, people are taking it more seriously now. So if things work out with the gigs that we do we’ll carry on. I’m excited about it. I really like the music we’re doing, not restricted to any kind of formula. And as I say, each track stands on its own, different in its own way. I’m really looking forward looking to it.”

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