David Lee Roth Breaks His Silence On The Passing Of Eddie Van Halen

Just a few minutes ago, David Lee Roth broke his silence and Tweeted the following:

Roth said earlier this year he highly doubted that Eddie would hit the road again.  He said “if you want to hear the Van Halen classics, you’re looking at the person to bring them.”

EVH passed away earlier today (Tuesday, October 6) at the age of 65. He had been battling throat cancer and died surrounded by friends and family at a Santa Monica, California hospital, according to TMZ. He is survived by his second wife Janie, brother Alex and son Wolfgang.

We send prayers to the Van Halen family during this tragic time.


3 thoughts on “David Lee Roth Breaks His Silence On The Passing Of Eddie Van Halen

  1. I was a Pimple face 17 year old kid that grew up to Van Halen once I heard tiffs on that first Van Halen album, I had to make my way to get to day on the green 3 ,1978 in Oakland. I grew up proud of this California band I got married , I raise a family of four.And there was always Van Halen playing In my house . Whether it was David or Sammy it was Van Halen all the way because Eddie and Alex were the brothers that kick ass , it was sad to hear My teen idle Had passed he blessed us with his presence and made us all forget about the ugly things in this world, Living life to the fullest. My condolences to his family and his band mates .He left his impact on everybody he did more with a guitar then we expected anyone to do, he did in with class . May he R,I,P, Eddie Van Halen

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