Craig Goldy Carrying On Ronnie James Dio’s Legacy

By Andrew Catania

Bassist and guitarist Craig Goldy is a familiar name in the metal playing genre who enjoys a complete command over his forte. Although Craig Goldy has many solos and associated feats to his name, however, his association with The Dio Disciples has become his prime identity over time. Craig Goldy’s career spans over a good 36 years, and having debuted back in 1980, Craig Goldy has not yet called it a day.

Born on 6th November 1961 in San Diego, California, Craig Goldy started learning the tact and intricacies of guitar playing at a young age. Having gained the elementary expertise over strings and chords, Craig Goldy proceeded to join budding bands and form collaborations. His first association was with the Vengeance where he upskilled his style and later moved over to join Rough Cutt.

After playing a couple of feats with Ronnie James Dio at Rough Cutt’s platform, Craig Goldy bid farewell to the band and joined Giuffria. Cumulating their expertise, Gregg Giuffria and Craig Goldy’s partnership resulted in the release of ‘Giuffria’ in 1984.

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Craig’s association with the Dio can be classified into two major periods. The first phase of the partnership was relatively short-lived and only confined to producing a couple of numbers, an EP titled ‘Intermission EP’ in 1986 and an album titled ‘Dream Evil’ in 1987. After that, Craig aborted the association with Dio and turned more centric towards establishing his solo profile. He laid the foundation of his band and named it ‘Craig Goldy’s Ritual,‘ and partnered with the Grand Slams Records. He invited David Glen Eisley and Mike Stone to perform as vocalists in Craig Goldy’s Ritual’s debut album titled ‘Hidden in Plain Sight.’

Aside from his band formation and releasing the debut album, Craig Goldy embarked on a solo flight in tandem. Taking Jeff Pilson on board for vocals, Craig Goldy released his solo debut album ‘Insufficient Therapy’ on Shrapnel Records in 1993. In 1995, Craig Goldy came up with his solely instrumental album ‘Better Late Than Never.’

Craig took the next couple of years furthering his partnerships, co-writing songs and touring with various groups as a guest guitarist. Later in 2011, Craig Goldy joined hands with the lineup of Dio who had reformed themselves by that time and were now known as the Dio Disciples.

Craig’s association with Dio and later with Dio Disciples has resulted in some hit records and releases including ‘Magica’ in 2000, Master of the Moon, Finding the Secret Heart: Live in Philly and Donnington UK Live 1983 and 1987.

Besides the Dio Disciples, Craig Goldy’s other associations include pairing up with Mark Huff with Hole in my Heart and Dark Rainbow. Both releases have dedicated a tribute and homage to Ronnie James Dio, and the duo also welcomes some other members onboard. In addition to that, Craig Goldy embarked on a grand tour with Vinnie Moore and Uli John Roth and had also declared a new association called the Resurrections Kings with Chas West, Sean McNabb, and Vinny Appice.



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