June 2, 2023
CoreLeoni Announce New Album "CoreLeoni- II"

He is one of the most genuine and most passionate Rock musicians of the last decades. And though time never stood still for Gotthard founding member and guitarist Leo Leoni.

CoreLeoni he named his passion for big, timeless Classic Rock, for pure music nostalgy, added with a modern sound. On September 27th their second album  “CoreLeoni II“ will be released. Next, to Gotthard songs from the early stage as well as two brand new tracks, the collection contains a cover of John Lee Hookers „Boom Boom Boom.“

Since the release of the first record that has been called „The Greatest Hits Part 1“, CoreLeoni has appeared as a transmitter between analog electric guitar and modern studio production. But CoreLeoni not only represent the music spirit of the early 90es, they also live the feeling that has been alive on, behind and in front of stage in these times: CoreLeoni is a high class band ensemble consisting of close friends and long-term colleagues that are next to Leo Leoni pioneering for that period and share a lot of memories with him. Together with
Rainbow-singer and Lords Of The Black founding member and ex-singer Ronnie Romero, Hena Habegger (drums, Gotthard), Jgor Gianola (guitar, ex-Gotthard/U.D.O./Jorn Lande) as well as Mila Merker (bass, Soul line) Leoni shows, that Classic Rock doesn´t need to be old fashioned. Songs from the early Gotthard days are coming along in a completely new sound outfit.

On the second album coming out end of September, Leoni once more pays tribute to his passion for high-class Rock music and brings back some good old Gotthard tracks to life.
Except for two songs as well as the John Lee Hooker cover, it ´s all Gotthard hits from the early days being translated to 2019.

„Queen Of Hearts“ and „Don ´t Get Me Wrong“ are the titles of the brand new tracks on the album, fitting perfectly into the other big Rock hymns.

Leoni had the idea to found CoreLeoni when Gotthard was celebrating their 25th anniversary. „When we play shows, we nowadays have to leave out a lot of the old songs as there are so many new ones that have to find their place in the setlist,“ Leo explains. „But especially a lot of the old songs mean a lot to me and will always be a big part of me. That ´s why I decided to re-record them and bring them back into the current times, also sound-wise.“

How good that works, CoreLeoni could prove during a tour last year. Press and fans have equally been enthusiastic about it. And even among the musicians, it quickly became apparent: CoreLeoni needs to be continued.

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