June 26, 2022
Convicted Sex Offender & Former Dean Guitars COO Wayne Odell Is Released From Prison

ID Photo

Convicted Sex Offender and Former Dean Guitars COO Wayne Odell was released from a Florida prison over the weekend after only serving 2 years after being arrested for 44 counts of possession of child pornography.

We reported last year that there was zero press on Odell’s arrest and started inquiring if the Rubinson family funded Odell’s high powered defense that got him off a possible life sentence in prison and only received two years and to keep it out of the press for PR reasons.  He’ll now be serving ten years of sex offender probation.

A former Dean Guitars/Armadillo Enterprises executive came forward to us recently for an in-depth interview that sheds light on Mr. Odell, if the Rubinson’s were aware of Odell’s child pornography and if he was using company computers to access it and to the extents that were made to keep this story out of the press.  We will have this interview posted soon.

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