Chris Impellitteri Is One Of The Best Guitarists In Metal: Why Don’t Other Sites Promote Him?

One of the biggest mysteries of the music industry for us is why don’t other publications cover Chris Impellitteri and his band, Impellitteri as often as we do?

Granted, Impellitteri hasn’t toured the United States since……….. Stand In Line was released with Graham Bonnett on vocals in 1988?  Chris will be the first one to tell you that they need to tour the US.  He has a loyal following in Japan and Europe.  Here in the US too.

Impellitteri has put out some amazing records.  2009’s Wicked Maiden was stellar.  2015’s Venom is the best album of his career in our opinion.  2018’s The Nature Of The Beast was All That Shreds Album of the Year.

Chris is an incredible guitar player with phenomenal picking technique, vibrato, sound, and style.  We could go on.  It was really sad when we asked Guitar World why they haven’t run an article about him for the last 20 plus years, they thought he was ‘retired’ and the last time they heard of him was from “Stand In Line.”  This shows you how truly out of touch these mainstream music magazines are with musicians that don’t have major endorsement companies lining their pickets with advertising money.

We will celebrate the music and playing of Chris Impellitteri along with his longtime bandmates Rob Rock and James Pulli while magazines like Guitar World, Guitar Player, and others are still in the stone ages of thinking.

Chris Impellitteri is one of the best in the business and a genuinely great person.

Chris Impellitteri Is One Of The Best Guitarists In Metal: Why Don't Other Sites Promote Him?


7 thoughts on “Chris Impellitteri Is One Of The Best Guitarists In Metal: Why Don’t Other Sites Promote Him?

  1. Everything was written perfectly but you missed the most important point.
    He is not covered because he is Christian and not afraid to say that he believes in Jesus! Just like Rob rock his habitual lead singer. Rock is one of the best voices in metal history and gets no credit as well.

    1. Just to correct you, Impellitteri isn’t a Christian band. Chris has pointed that out many times. The band members do have strong Christian faith but they’re not a “Christian” band.

  2. I didn’t say it was a Christian band… but they don’t hide their faith and its clearly seen With song after song after song about fighting the devil ! This means Mainstream will not pay attention and skipping that is simply Unbalanced…


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