Chris Impellitteri is a neo-classical, heavy metal guitarist who was born on September 25, 1964, in Ledyard, Connecticut, United States. He is also the lead guitarist of a band “Impellitteri,” which was launched by himself in Los Angeles, 1986. Besides that, he is also a songwriter and a producer.

Chris Impellitteri is known as one of the world’s greatest guitarist. He has been named as ‘The Second Fastest Guitar Shredder’ in Guitar One Magazine. His playing techniques and music taste have some resemblance with that of Uli Jon Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen and Al Di Meola. He also got the chance to work with ex-Rainbow, ex- Marbles ex-Alcatrazz singer Graham Bonnet. “Guitar World” magazine has also listed Chris Impellitteri among their top fifty fastest guitarists of all time.

Black EP titled Impellitteri was the first music release of Impellitteri. It established the metal band’s spot in the music industry – along with many fans to adore the band. Propaganda Mind, Kingdom of Light, Somewhere over the Rainbow and Screaming Symphony are a few of Chris solo guitar hits. Chris had record deals with different labels such as Relativity Records and Victor Entertainment.

His Zodiac sign is Libra, so his positive side includes alert mindset and tactfulness. Chris also joined a Japan-based band, Animetal USA. It is also a heavy metal band. The band has four members – including Mike Vescera as Metal-Rider, Chris Impellitteri as Speed-King, Rudy Sarzo as Storm-Bringer and Jon Dette as Tank.

According to the renowned guitarist, he only writes music when he feels inspired. In an interview when asked about writing a song, he answered, “My writing process is similar to an artist that paints a picture on a blank canvas. I have a blank template that first needs a great riff. Once I have a great riff written, I then work on creating music that will complement the riff. When writing the music for the riff, I always hear a vocal melody in my mind which directs me to choose individual scales or chords that compliment that vocal melody. If all goes well, the music leads me into a solo section, of which usually calls for a lot of excitement and energy.”

Today, Chris is better known as a heavy metal, neo-classical metal or speed metal musician. He has made a guest appearance in Sahara (1990), Dragon Attack: A Tribute to Queen (1997) and Randy Rhoads Tribute (2000). His band Impellitteri has sold over two million records word -wide.

The year 2016 has been very successful for Chris. According to various sources, it has been documented that Chris’ net worth has grown significantly over the past year.  Since the late eighties, Chris Impellitteri has risen to the heights of success and fame in the metal music world with a following of thousands of fans. Presently, Impellitteri is focused on promoting their new record Venom all over the world. Chris says,” If the music we write is great it will last forever.”

Chris uses the following products:

Dunlop Jazz III XL…nylon picks.Red

Strings are Ernie Ball super slinky 009-042

Pickups in his guitars are always 59 PAF, and vintage Fender Stratocaster pickups for the single coils that he uses.


I always get requests to do a real instructional video…..maybe in the future?

As I told you when we spoke, I spent about two years working on a new picking technique which can be heard and seen on the new IMPELLITTERI Videos from our new VENOM record including the videos of  VENOM, EMPIRE OF LIES and FACE THE ENEMY.

Anyone that is interested in my new right-hand technique and hand positioning should be able to understand what I am doing after watching the music above videos…

Of course, I use the primary scales that  I have always used including, minor, harmonic minor, diminished, dominant,..etc….

And I do tend to pick every note.

Regarding my Charvel.

I am speaking with Charvel  about a signature model which would be based on the custom shop Charvel I am currently using live and in the studio…my Charvel is probably the best Charvel ever made in my opinion …as I have had many Charvels over the years…….it has lots of custom specs and details which are not normally found on Charvel guitars. It plays and sounds amazing….

IMPELLITTERI is a metal band with vocals.  Even with all of our Shredding, I think we fit the best playing in the arenas and stadiums when we do festival type gigs with other bands.

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