August 17, 2022
Act of Defiance Guitarist Chris Broderick Talks New Album And Guitar Line

Chris Broderick is auctioning off one of his guitars for a worthy cause! Let’s help his friend battle cancer! The story is below:

Hey Everyone,
I am auctioning off one of my six string CB6 Jackson soloists for my good friends Van and Dore Williams to help them with their fight against cancer this holiday season. Dore is a fighter but still has to continue to fight this ugly disease called cancer after being diagnosed two years ago! If any of my friends can help out to ease the financial burden, I would appreciate it!!! You can check out the auction here:


If the guitar is not what you are looking for but you still want to help Van and Dore out you can head to Dore’s Gofundme page here, and donate:


As well as Vans Crafts that he builds and his band Ghostship Octavius:


One last thing that would help out is by sharing this post with your friends!!! We can’t thank you enough. Chris, Van, and Dore.

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