August 18, 2022
Can a Heavy Metal Band Make Money in 2017?

By Andrew Catania

Heavy Metal as a genre has been around since the 1970s with “Black Sabbath,” “Judas Priest,” “Metallica,” “Iron Maiden,” and countless others. It became popular because it branched off from Rock and Roll; it was easy for it to become part of the culture back then. Fast Forward to present day, there are a lot less heavy metal bands because it is not the hottest genre right now. Even the bands that were mentioned before are still going on today, which should give people the idea how many heavy metal bands are still forming. In today’s world, it would be hard for a heavy metal band to make money in the music industry because the culture has evolved their tastes in music, however, if a metal band did succeed, it would be worth it for them.

It would be hard for heavy metal to succeed in today’s world because it is today’s world. Heavy metal became popular for a lot of reasons back in the 1970s and 1980s. One them is that it took Rock and Roll to a whole another level regarding sound; it became the music of rebellion for that period. Now, the culture has evolved into something different. The African-American culture has taken the nation by storm with hip-hop, pop, and rap as the front genres. Those are the genres that are popular right now. Take a look at some of the top musicians as of right now, Beyonce, Adele, Drake, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Ed Sheeran, they are all part of the hip hop/ pop genre. Take a look at Taylor Swift; she used to be a country singer; now she evolved herself into more of a pop singer. Even Maroon 5 has changed into pop in recent years, and that band was part of the rock genre back in the 200s. They changed because it would attract more audience. So in the midst of all this, heavy metal would be overlooked by fans in favor of pop singers. Not that is a bad thing; the pop genre has much great music. Regarding heavy metal making money, it would be hard for them to make money because the culture has changed and their fan base would be relatively small.
However, music is all about art and expressing oneself, and heavy metal does that. There is a lot of people out there who love rock, and the sound that it brings, so heavy metal could still make money in today’s industry. To draw a much bigger crowd, an up and coming band could learn to adapt; if a heavy metal band took the genre to a whole new level, they would make more money. Like before, music evolved quite a bit because new types branch off from other ones, taking inspirations from other genres. If a heavy metal band took the sounds of the genre to a whole new level, they could make money. There has been a lot of heavy metal over the years, so the genre has been covered quite a bit. A new band would just be mimicking those older bands. If a new heavy band drew inspiration and developed into something different, like adding new beats to songs, changing the attitude of the genre just enough to draw a new crowd. Heavy metal will also be exciting to people because that’s just the nature of the genre so that it will have its audience; the trick is to make it into making into an art a lot of people can enjoy.
Heavy Metal has been around for almost 40 years. It has its audience, young and old so that they will make money. The trick is to draw a bigger crowd. Since the culture has evolved, and so has music taste, that is challenging part of a heavy metal band. If a heavy metal band was willing to take it to a whole another level for today’s audience to love, then they could make more money. So, yes, a heavy metal band can make money in today’s music industry.

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  1. I am a metal and rock fan and found your site very eye-catching. Keep it up. Why not write about Metallica my favorite band.

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