Can Fans Sue Bands That Claim To Retire Then Come Back For False Advertising?

Can Fans Sue Bands That Claim To Retire Then Come Back For False Advertising?

With the recent news of Motley Crue coming out of retirement after they made a huge deal of their contract not to tour anymore in 2015.  Members of the Crue have lambasted KISS over the years for all of there comeback tours, end of the road tours, etc.   Now, after people rioting in the streets for there return, Motley Crue blew up their final tour contract.  What about all of those Crue fans that bought hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars worth of tickets and merchandise thinking this was the Crues last ride?  At some point, fans are going to get tired of these bands saying they’re retiring just to come back a few laters saying there’s a “demand” for them to tour.

Could a fan get sick of being taken advantage of and decided to sue the band for false advertising?  Anyone can file a lawsuit.  Winning that claim is another story.

There’s plenty of statements out there to make members of the Crue look silly that they’ve said about not touring anymore, giving away free tickets if they did a tour again.

The casual fan won’t care either way, and that’s what makes up a majority of these concerts.  They’ll be there with there cellphone recording stuck in the air.

Sixx has plenty of successful projects, including Sixx AM. Mick’s solo album is almost finished and widely anticipated to be excellent, and Tommy is doing his techno thing.

So, what demand could there be to hear a good solid backing band with a singer that sounds like someone sledgehammered his nuts singing every eighth word?

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