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Can An Indie Label Do More Than What Musicians Can Do For Themselves?

We all know that the state of the music industry is beyond shitty.  Bands have to stay on the road and sell plenty of merch to survive.  When it comes to record deals, do they really matter anymore?  What about indie labels? Can they help a band more than they can do themselves?

Most bands can handle local travel. Can an indie label help with scheduling festival and fly out dates?  Should they cover your expenses? Can they get you national exposure? Radio airplay?  These are questions that you should ask before ever signing a contract.

An Indie label could help with the distribution of your record.  What we’re seeing is an indie label will sign a local act and do nothing more than distribution.  They’ll promise festival bookings and a bunch of appearances and deliver nothing but lip service.  Bands can do a lot of what an indie label can offer with the exception of some distribution and airplay.  A well connected indie label could benefit tremendously. How many are actually out there?  Share your experiences with an Indie label?

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