California Authorities Add More Charges To Lance Benedict And TTM Guitars

Disgraced conman Lance Benedict and his fraudulent TTM Guitars have had additional charges and penalties added by the California State Department of Business Oversight.

In their amended complaint, DBO has added Mike Lucero and Curtis Berry as Franchisees who were scammed by Benedict when they gave him money for a franchise that never existed.

Benedict has been fined $15,000 by the State of California and has to pay back all franchise fees and royalties to the owners he scammed within 60 days.

The amended complaint you can read below.:

Along with this investigation, Benedict still has multiple pending investigations from various state and federal authorities and law enforcement agencies for every type of fraud from mail, wire, tax, to not paying employee wages.  In typical Benedict fashion, he denies he’s being charged by DBO and makes his usual threats against yours truly.

Mr. Benedict has outstanding warrants in Florida for Cyber Stalking as well.

Benedict is also to stand trial this July for defrauding his business partner Chris McKenna of over $100,000 and not adding him and another partner to the TTM Guitars LLC he illegally dissolved without gettinf their consent to try and avoid and civil litigation from his scams and fraud.

This is an evolving story, so stay with us for updates!

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