CA-DBO Adding More Charges Against Lance Benedict & TTM Guitars

We’ve written a lot about Conman extraordinaire Lance Benedict and his fraudulent scams.  He has more law enforcement agencies investigating him than Steve Vai has guitars.  I received an email from a concerned mother about her daughter, who’s dating the younger conman Broc Benedict::

CA-DBO Adding More Charges Against Lance Benedict & TTM GuitarsCA-DBO Adding More Charges Against Lance Benedict & TTM Guitars

Anyone who’s had contact with the Benedict crime family knows they are like a cult and just plain weird as being criminals.  So, it’s very possible that her daughter is in over her head and that Conman junior has brainwashed her from her family.  I recommended that she call the police.

California Department Of Oversight To Amen Charges To Add More Franchisees 

The DOO is going to be amending their complaint against the Benedict crime family for all of their illegal franchises and stealing money from his victims and adding more franchisees as more people keep coming forward saying they’ve been scammed by him.

We’ve posted many times links to the appropriate agencies where people victimized by the Benedict Crime Family where they can register their criminal complaints against him.  If you’ve been victimized by Lance Benedict and his scams, please check the links in our previous articles.

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