June 30, 2022
Brian Tichy's New Band Silverthorne Release Their Debut EP On 2/21

By Allyson Kingsley

The band’s musicians are vocalist/guitarist Pete Shoulder, bass player Daniel Spree and drummer Brian Tichy, a world-class drummer whose catalog cements him deeply in the hard rock world as he has played with everyone from Whitesnake, Ozzy, Slash, Billy Idol, Foreigner, and many more legendary artists. Pete Shoulder is a well-known vocalist from the UK from the bands Winterville and The Union.

   With its ominous riffs, huge choruses, driving bass, weighty drums, and bluesy grooves, the  Tear The Sky Wide Open EP contains five soulful and earthy rock songs and will be released on 21st of February on Golden Robot Records. Silverthorne is music that tips its hat to the classic rock bands of yesteryear as well as looking to the future.

   First released the single “Tear the Sky Wide Open” has a strange but very likable start that reminds me a bit of psychedelia mixed with a sludgy kind of rock, and I have to commend the vocals as well as the meaty guitar riffs on this one. “Roll Me Back Again” is my choice track, and it reminds me of listening to southern Rock with my older brothers, along the lines of Creedence, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or even ZZ Top. It’s a fun song that rolls ever so smoothly.

  “Black River Rising” shifts gears with a dark feel. It opens at a lower tempo with an ominous guitar solo. When Shoulder starts singing, his voice sounds hauntingly intense. The song builds in intensity with heavy power chords in the chorus and a dramatic soft verse/loud chorus format. 

  Silverthorne has defined its place with this atmospheric rock album as they plunge ahead to the future.



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