June 27, 2022
More Victims Come Forward As TTM Guitars Coverage Continues

All That Shreds Magazine has learned from Washington State Regulators that Lance Benedict has told them that TTM Guitars, LLC plan on closing up shop effective 8/1/19.  In the email seen below, Benedict emailed State Regulators to respond to their inquiry investigating the illegal franchises that he’s been offering without being properly licensed. Benedict also stating that several things can happen. He could file Bankruptcy as he did in 2012 under the TTM Guitars, LLC name for protection from having to follow through on any pending orders or debt he has accumulated while trying to revive his brand from the previous failed attempt.  Benedict Announced that he’s taking orders for 2020 and his Washington State Franchise site is still up even though he’s told state investigators there is no franchise and TTM is supposed to close 8/1/2019. Is he lying to Washington State Authorities? Is he really not closing? This is a developing story.  We will continue to provide any additional newsworthy coverage.

Lance Benedict Announces To State Officials Via Email TTM Guitars To Close 8/1 Amid State Investigation
Email sent to Washington State Investigators from Lance Benedict claiming he’s closing TTM Guitars LLC. Is this just smoke and mirrors?

2 thoughts on “Lance Benedict Announces To State Officials Via Email TTM Guitars To Close 8/1 Amid State Investigation

    1. I really do hope that he lied to them. The proof is right there that he told them that “TTM Guitars LLC” is closing shop. If he’s lying to them which shouldn’t surprise anyone, he’ll have more issues to deal with. Bankruptcy? New company under someone else’s name? Going into pro-audio, drums, etc is just more China crap he’s going to bring in. The question is, who did he scam to back this venture? He can post, delay and have his blind followers think and believe what he’d like, but the dragnet is closing in on him and his scams!

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