Brazilian Guitarist Kiko Shred Is Ready To Share “Royal Art” With The World

Brazilian guitarist Kiko Shred has a new album coming out on RFL Records on September 20, 2019.  We spoke to Kiko about his new album.

At what age did you start playing guitar?

KS: Hello, All that Shreds, Firstly I have to thank you for the support you give to the guitar players around the world. That’s important for us, well, I started to play guitar at the age of 9 years old, it was by early’s ’90s and big bands were coming to Brazil, the Rock n Roll was very exposed here and to play guitar was very cool.

What made you start playing?

KS: When I was a kid I had to try to play a lot of instruments, piano at 5, keyboard at 7 but I got shocked by the electric guitar!

Who were your childhood guitar heroes? Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Yngwie, Vai, Lynch, Satriani.  The big thing that had a contribution was the VHS lessons that Ritchie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Yngwie, much more.

Brazilian Guitarist Kiko Shred Is Ready To Share "Royal Art" With The World

What was your first guitar?

KS: A Brazilian brand called Giannini

When did you join your first band?

KS:  In 97 /98, we use to play classic rock then I joined another band, a Heavy Metal band called Razor Blade. Good times! We had a lot of fun.

Is It hard living in Brazil to get your music heard?

KS: we have to search for the right media.  Social media, some specific radio shows, try to play in big festivals. But I’m focused on worldwide distribution, following the steps of bands like Sepultura, Angra, and others.

Brazilian Guitarist Kiko Shred Is Ready To Share "Royal Art" With The World

How did you find out about RFL records?

KS: I played with Michael Vescera ( Ex YJM / Loudness / Obsession ) And one day I saw Mike sharing a post of Jon’s ( Marchewka, RFL Records owner)  about a Loudness song. So I started to talk to Jon and show him videos where I was playing Loudness, Malmsteen, then Jon asked if I was a composer too, I said yes.   I have two solo albums out and I’m starting the third.  We kept talking for a year then Jon liked my new album ( ROYAL ART ) and decided to release it. That’s good! Royal Art will be available on September 20 in USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Canada.

Do you plan on releasing future videos?

KS: Yes! I will record a video playing a song called ” The Knights of the Round ” from my new album Royal Art, to promote the album and also to promote Hughes and Kettner amps in Brazil and my new guitar – Music Maker.

Who are your endorsements?

KS: Solez Strings, Fuhrmann fx, Music Maker guitar, Hughes and Kettner Brazil, Tesla Pickups Brazil, Tecniforte Cables, Hiwatt UK

For more information on Kiko Shred please visit his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kikoshredguitar/

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