June 27, 2022
Blues Based Guitar Is What Fuels Femme Halen's Rosie Aldrete

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By Andrew Catania

Rosie Aldrete plays in two bands which mostly play rock.  Don’t let that fool you with this guitarist as blues-based guitar heavily influences her.  Check out her killer tune Little Wing below.  Rosie was kind enough to chat with me about her guitar playing.

When did you start playing guitar?

RA: I started playing as a teen I was 14-15 I just loved music so much.

Who were some of your influences growing up?  Do they still influence you today?

RA:  When I started playing I initially got into music because I was really into punk rock and alternative. As I began playing guitar, my uncle gave me a bunch of his old cassettes, and they were Zepplin, Hendrix, and Pink Floyd.  I started getting into blues from Zepplin my instructor introduced me to more blues artist, and I was hooked.   I got really into Stevie Ray Vaughn; huge Santana fan and Hendrix were my biggest influences. I love all types of music and guitarists there’s so many that have influenced me it’s hard to choose one.

Blues Based Guitar Is What Fuels Femme Halen's Rosie Aldrete

Did you take lessons or were you self-taught?

RA:  I took lessons, my Instructor, he was my most significant influence. Dean Rosco was his name would take me to blues jams when I was a teenager and exposed me to playing with different older musicians at a young age, and it was awesome!

What was your first guitar?

RA: My first guitar was a cheap acoustic my grandpa let me borrow it was a Regal.  We flipped it around and made it left handed, but that guitar didn’t last long I wanted an electric so I saved there was a guy that worked at the store I took lessons from he happened to be left-handed sold me one of his electrics my first electric guitar was a Fender Strat Made in Japan sunburst, and I still own it.

YouTube video courtesy of Martha Davis

How did you get involved with Cougrzz and Femme Halen?

RA:  I got involved with Cougrzz from a friend of mine. He messaged me and said he heard of this all-girl band looking for a guitar player. So I went to the audition, and the rest is history.  Cougrzz is basically a top 40 band we do about 150 shows a year we morph into different bands 80s, 90s, rock, Latin, dance we do it all so we started thinking about tribute bands we knew there were a lot of Van Halen but there weren’t any female Van Halen bands We thought it would be fun plus who doesn’t love Eddie Van Halen! It’s been awesome learning the music and his style of playing I’m having so much fun doing it! Plus our singer is a female version of David Lee Roth. She nails it! So we went for it, and that’s how Femme Halen started.

What does your rig consist of?

My rig I play a Mesa Boogie express 50 plus, and I love my tone.  I use the distortion mainly from my amp to add a little boost to solos I use MXR Super Bad Ass, I use wah – xotic wah pedal, mxr chorus, mini Dunlop  volume, mxr carbon copy delay, mxr phaser, John Petrucci dream escape I use the flange and tremolo for that pedal, empress buffer with boost, line 6 wireless, and Eddie Van Halen distortion mxr and poly tune tuner. That’s pretty much my set up it ’s versatile so that I can dial in tones for everything.

Guitars I’m using Kiesel Guitars my main guitar is SCB6 with locking trem I have D-Tuna on that I just love the way that guitar plays its flame maple top custom made.

Blues Based Guitar Is What Fuels Femme Halen's Rosie Aldrete

My back up is my Kiesel Vader, it’s light and easy to travel with playing as much as I do can take its toll on the shoulder It helps add some relief, plus I just love the tone and the way it plays.

For Femme Halen, I had a custom Kiesel built hot pink with the black striping I had someone do the black. I have lots of other guitars, but those are my main ones.

As far as recording I do use my own rig but if I’m hired for a session or doing my own thing I’ll use whatever to get the right tone for the recording.

Will we see any original material from you?

RA:  Yes! I am hoping to come out with original music this year.  My Drummer and I have some songs we’ve written together. So our goal for 2018 is to have an album out.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

RA:  My plans for 2018 are to keep rocking out as much as I can. Also, practice getting better in general musically, physically, mentally. I am looking to put out some original music this year so you will be seeing and hearing some music very soon!

Check Rosie out with Femme Halen and Cougrzz at https://www.facebook.com/cougrzz/

and https://www.facebook.com/femmehalen/

Rosie also teaches guitar at the Music and Arts Center (Division of Guitar Center) In Corona and Rancho Cucamonga for anyone seeking lessons in that area.

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