September 28, 2022
Black Veil Brides 'The Phantom Tomorrow' Is The Breakthrough Album For Growing Their Fanbase

By Andrew Catania

When Black Veil Brides arrived on the scene a decade ago, one look at their album photo reminded me of when Poison came out in 1986.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Was this going to be another band singing about partying and talking dirty to people?  Absolutely not.  BVB shocked me on many fronts with their debut album and has continued to do so with their newest album, ‘The Phantom Tomorrow.’

When I interviewed Jake Pitts today (Interview coming next week), I was telling him how the songwriting, production, and even his guitar playing has come full circle on ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’ and I believe their fanbase is going to grow outside of the ‘Hot Topic’ crowd that is attracted to their music.  He agreed with me.

‘The Phantom Tomorrow’ is my favorite BVB album.  I think the band has matured in all fascets and you can tell.  Songs like the opening riff to ‘Scarlet Cross’ to the more complex ‘Fall Eternal’ are going to be favorites of both old and new BVB fans.

I put Jake in the same category as Mark Tremonti.  Excellent and skillful songwriter and musician who knows when to adapt a guitar solo to a song and not overkill it.  This has been part of the success of the band as it has gotten a bigger and bigger fanbase with every new album.

I think anyone who hasn’t been a fan of the band because of their image will be pleasantly shocked and surprised that they record good songs and have a killer live set.

‘The Phantom Tomorrow’ will be BVB’s breakthrough album to a whole new audience and attract an older audience too!

Black Veil Brides 'The Phantom Tomorrow' Is The Breakthrough Album For Growing Their Fanbase

The tracklisting for The Phantom Tomorrow is:
                  1)    The Phantom Tomorrow (introduction)
                  2)    Scarlet Cross
                  3)    Born Again
                  4)    Blackbird
                  5)    Spectres (Interlude)
                  6)    Torch
                  7)    The Wicked One
                  8)    Shadows Rise
                  9)    Fields Of Bone
                  10)  Crimson Sky
                  11)  Kill The Hero
                  12)  Fall Eternal

1 thought on “Black Veil Brides ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’ Is The Breakthrough Album For Growing Their Fanbase

  1. The new album is amazing! I really enjoyed all the songs and I’m really happy with how much this band has grown over the years. Great job guys!

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