June 3, 2023
Banshee's The Madness Is Missing Two Things: A Good Producer & Tommy Lee Flood

I had absolutely zero interest in reviewing this album. But, I found a copy of the latest version of Banshee’s new album titled “The Madness” one of my readers sent me.

The latest incarnation of Banshee is Terry Dunn, George Call, and after that is a mystery.

Most bands and/or labels will hire a publicist to get the word out of an upcoming release from a band to create interest and buzz, press releases, etc.  Especially for a band that’s the last album was released in 2012 and previous to that 1992 you’d think you’d want to do a major promotion push right?  Not in this case.  Their management, Double Trouble Productions/Visionary Noise records, didn’t bother to do any of that.  Their new album isn’t even available on iTunes, Amazon, or other online outlets to garner more visibility.  It is available on their managements website.  We’re talking promotion 101 that wasn’t done.  I get keeping costs down, but how do you expect other people aside from the few Banshee fans left to know there’s a new album out?

I gave the Madness a spin.  There is no doubt that George Call is a talented singer and Terry Dunn can create some good riffs.  The production of The Madness is a mess. The mix is horrible.  They’re a couple of positive spots but not many.  You’d figure with the money they’re not spending on promotion they could’ve used that on a good producer?  They haven’t done any videos, not even a lyric video for me or other media outlets to post.

The dark lyrics are a far cry from previous records from the Tommy Lee Flood fronted band.  What they should’ve done is renamed the band instead of trying to use the Banshee name to garner some exposure with this mess of an album.

With the history this band has, you’d think they’d be trying to create and promote positive news to attract new listeners, instead, continue on with the Banshee name and incompetent management. They have no band website and virtually no social media presence except a Facebook page.

If you want to listen to the real Banshee, listen to the older albums with Tommy Lee Flood on vocals.  If rumors are true that the current Banshee regime is trying to relicense Take’em By Storm for Vinyl without permission from the other founding members, plus the fact that their owed many years of back royalties since Terry Dunn has started using the Banshee name again, this situation might take care of itself in a court of law.

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