August 16, 2022
The Band Moscow, Better Than Maria Brink? My Interview With The Queen Of Sin

By Andrew Catania

When I first saw Moscow on YouTube, I thought to myself, here we go with the push-up bra and leather pants nostalgia that plagues rock and metal music with no talent to back it up.  After listening to Moscow’s music with some members of Black Veil Brides as guest artists a live show in February, there’s more to the Queen of Sin than costume changes.  A powerful voice and quite a stage presence!  I asked the Queen Of Sin about her musical background and future plans.

Can you tell me about your back in music?

QOS: My musical journey was quite a journey. I discovered music for myself (when I fell in love with the sounds and realized this would be the only love of my life from that moment on) when I first saw musical Notre Dame De Paris – which is to the day one of my favorite piece of art. That was one of the reasons I got into musical theatre and I trained as a musical theatre actress growing up. But rock was always in my heart. I never wanted to be anyone else on stage but me – I always knew there’s no more fitting character for me then Moscow. Hip-hop also had a huge influence on me. Actually if you go through my iTunes (yes, I’m old school and I download all the songs) you’ll find a mixture of Yelawolf/Eminem type of hip-hop, Die Antwoord’s rave music, Michael Jackson, pop, and all kind of rock – everything from Led Zeppelin to Motley Crue to Papa Roach to Asking Alexandria.

The Band Moscow, Better Than Maria Brink? My Interview With The Queen Of Sin

What kind of training do you have on your voice?

QOS: As I mentioned earlier, I was trained as a musical theatre actress, that requires a very specific type of singing. Also, I do have opera training in my pocket. But when it comes to growls and screams I believe there’s no better teacher than yourself. You have to listen to your body to figure out how to properly use your throat (insert a sex joke here).

How did you come about forming your band?

QOS:   After I moved to LA, I knew what I was going to do. Rock was always my answer. And I’m used to doing everything by myself, that’s how I was raised, that’s how I became who I am today. But I always wanted to surround myself with likewise people, and the idea of a band was more alluring for me than just having in and out musicians. After months of looking for right people, I found MY guys. It just happened in the right time and the right place, and now I couldn’t be more proud to announce every one of them. Check their profiles on Instagram @mscw_band

How has the reception been for your EP so far?

QOS:  It’s doing great. The latest single ‘Black Widow‘ that we recently put out the music video for is getting good reviews. That’s probably my favorite track of the EP. But honestly the more I write and the more we record, the greedier I get towards new material. You write something, and you love it, but then you write something new and fall in love with that. I’m always hungry for evolving, in whatever aspect it is – sound, vocals, production, life in general.

I hear some Maria Brink in your music.

QOS: Thank you. I believe we’re a little different with Maria – she loves over theatrical acts. Don’t get me wrong, I love her shows. Actually, Maria is one of VERY FEW female vocalists/performers I like, and all of them I can count on one hand. At this moment is a very Alice Cooper-like band when it comes to live shows. My influencers were Motley Crue, Linkin Park, Papa Roach. I love the energy on stage. I love you can share a part of yourself with the audience.

On one of your videos, I see a couple of members from Black Veil Brides. Are they part of your band?

QOS:  No, but they are good friends of mine. When I was getting started, CC (drums) from Black Veil Brides agreed to help me on my first showcase and we did a cover of Asking Alexandria sharing a stage. Also, Kevin Thrasher from Escape the Fate did another song with me that night.

The Band Moscow, Better Than Maria Brink? My Interview With The Queen Of Sin

What are your plans for 2018?

QOS: Conquering the world while sipping jager and petting a cheetah? I would’ve said I’m joking if I was. The tour is currently in the works, the New material is being a recorder, new videos are being shot and the fabulousness still remains!

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