Autograph Makes You Get Off Your Ass And Purchase Their New Record

Autograph Makes You Get Off Your Ass And Purchase Their New Record

By Andrew Catania   

I remember playing “Turn Up The Radio” on my college radio station back in the day.  My Program Director would tell me the song is too commercial for college radio yet was one of the most requested songs on my show.

Get Off Your Ass” is the first record with new frontman Simon Daniels and drummer Marc Wieland.

The opening song will make you Get Off Your Ass.   It’s merely a concise and fun hard rocker that deals energetic pacing and groove. The following Every Generation has Steve Lynch’s fantastic riffs, turns more on the AOR qualities of a strong melody, keen vocal harmonies, catchy refrain, and vigorous rock groove. The song foreshadows of some similar things to come. These include the arena-ready You Are Us We Are You and Meet Me Half Way, which offers more killer riffs, groove, and merely memorable melody and refrains. These are two of my favorite songs.

Autograph always had a more robust vibe to their sound, and you get some metal edge with All Emotions and Watch It Now, definitely guitar forward riff-driven tunes. If anything is nearing a ballad, though, it comes with All I Own. The album concludes with a live version with Turn Up The Radio, with an abundance of fan participation. Through it all, Steve Lynch delivers some kick-ass guitar solos throughout the album.  That in itself is a reason to purchase.  Now, Get Off Your Ass and buy it!  8.5/10 Rating

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