Marty Friedman Showcases His Signature Jackson MF-1 Models And Plays Snippets Of His New Album ‘Wall Of Sound’

Marty Friedman demonstrates his brand new Jackson MF-1 signature model in a new video posted on Jackson‘s YouTube page. The ten-minute-plus clip showcases Marty playing this new guitar amidst rare, intimate discussions about his decision to return to Jackson. Also, the video features song clips from his upcoming album, “Wall Of Sound.”

“Wall Of Sound” will be released on August 4 via Prosthetic Records. Produced by Friedman, engineered by Paul Fig (GHOST, RUSH, ALICE IN CHAINS) and mixed by Jens Bogren (KREATOR, OPETH, SEPULTURA), the disc “expands and destroys any conventional notions of instrumental music,” according to a press release. Legendary QUEEN producer Mack came on board to handle the mixing on two tracks, “Streetlight” and “For A Friend,” which Friedman proclaimed was “an honor for me, for sure.”

Friedman said last year about the musical direction of the follow-up to his 2014 album “Inferno”: “This time it’s even more ambitious than that album was, a bit more dense, and, with any luck, more exciting for those of you who will hear it.”

He added: “There will be eleven or twelve songs in total. Sometimes a song you love doesn’t make it to the album because it doesn’t fit nicely in the sequencing. Either way, we’re pushing sixty minutes so that it won’t be a short album.”


Traditional Versus YouTube Guitar Lessons

Playing an instrument was something sacred in the old days. Those who desired to learn an instrument would tie themselves to the lessons of their teachers. Every day was a new experience for them. From touching the guitar to feeling its essence and regarding its value, the experience was full of inspiration and meaning. Today, with the introduction of YouTube, playing guitar has become something “cool” rather than something that was like worshipping for the old schoolmasters.

More and more musicians are turning their faces towards YouTube for music lessons online. But the real question is, is it as effective?

In the year 2012, it was researched that the top searches on YouTube were related to the keyword “lessons,” and the majority of the lessons related videos that were searched were guitar tutorials. Not only do people view these guitar lessons, but also save and download them.


The reason is simple: it is free and convenient. You are free with a guitar in hand, you open YouTube and start learning. You don’t understand something, you rewind and replay. You can practice your lessons at 6 am in the morning or 4 am at night. These guitar lessons are for everyone everywhere in the world.

But the question again is, how many times a virtual teacher would tell you that you are holding the strings wrong? Or the way you are learning is not even a shortcut, but ab absolute ditch? Learning guitar online, in my opinion, is like learning how to paint online. Watching someone hold a paintbrush online would not make your hand move like that. Regardless of you how much you try, you just can’t add the color to your canvas like that.

Traditional times for playing guitar:

In the traditional ways of learning guitar, a tutor would come to you, or you would go to the instructor. These sessions involve a lot of other materials like chord diagrams, sheet music and backing tracks that work between sessions. The one-to-one experience has always been the best way to test your ability. While you learn to play the instrument, the teacher observes, criticize, and highlights the weakness and strength, points out the wrong and right gestures and so on. An experienced professional help you practice a million times, the same action till you become a pro at it. Such learning is realistic and goal oriented. Playing guitar with a professor means to know the instrument, not the use of it for playing a single song again and again.

Your mistakes would be addressed and immediately rectified. It is of particular importance when it comes to holding the guitar. Imagine after a year of YouTube learning; somebody tells you that you are holding the guitar wrong? Furthermore, everyone has a particular style of playing. The unique nature of a person is long known to come out through musical instruments. When you learn with a tutor, you can explore the areas of your interest in music. For example, you can keep your focus on learning blues or jazz. Now it is not a song that makes jazz a style, but the technique of the instrument.

Benefits and disadvantages of learning Guitar from YouTube:

Just like the two faces of a coin, there are advantages and disadvantages of learning to play guitar online.


As already state, YouTube gives you access to free guitar lessons. It has cheapened the use and learning of the instrument. The only cost you pay is that of the internet. You have access to millions of videos of a different genre. You can always define for yourself the type of resource and music style you want to opt for. You can save, bookmark and download the music. You can also use the interactive software that would help you master in the fretboard. In short- everything has become simpler and cheaper.


To say it out loud, playing guitar online gives you no structure and path. Whatever you try is judged by you alone. By randomly clicking and moving from one song to the other, you learn to quickly- which is never the case when playing an instrument. As someone great once as “nothing worth it comes easy.” The lessons on YouTube are present in a logical and coherent progression, but they do not address your issues. The one who is playing online is an expert; but who would tell you if you have the ability and skill to become one?

I can practice and make a beat from knocking the table with folk, but would that make me a drummer or a music director? No. Many times, criticism is what pushes you across the path of “average” to professional. What you are looking for a YouTube video is leisure time learning. But if the music is your goal and guitar your passion than YouTube probably is not the way.

Electric Guitar Tabs Explained

Tablature as a means of writing music down has been with us for hundreds of years, but many people today look down on tabs as a third rate method of vocal communication. In fact, tablature is not a dumbed down version of conventional musical notation, rather what we call sheet music grew from a need for more versatility in notation as music became more complex in medieval times. Electric Guitar Tabs have been a great help to the many people who have taken up the electric guitar and who wanted to get down to the business of playing as quickly as possible.

Conventional music notation has much more to communicate than tabs, but if you already know more or less how the song sounds, and are prepared to work at your interpretation, then there is nothing wrong with using tablature.

Guitarists composing music using tabs and sharing the results of their work on the internet have brought a wide range of music within reach of amateur musicians who never learned to read music. To some guitarists learning to read music is a waste of time that would be put to better use expressing their feelings through music. This attitude is at odds with the idea that the more theoretical knowledge you have, the greater the pool of resources at your disposal for expressing your thoughts.

Tablature, on the other hand, allows the guitarist to get to know the first piece of music in his way, and use his musical intuition and flair for improvisation to produce an artistic work which will be as much his work as the original composers. For that reason, electric guitar tabs are a boon to the electric guitar player who does not want just to produce a copy of someone else’s work.

You can find electric guitar tabs in music stores along with traditional written music, but the quickest and best place to look for electric guitar tabs is on the internet. Even though there’s a legal dogfight going on about tab publishers infringing the rights of the original composer, many tabs are still available for free. However, you need to exercise your discernment when making use of tablature produced by amateur guitarists. You might need to change things around a little if they don’t sound right.

As for the electric guitar player who wants to broaden his musical knowledge, tablature also allows the guitarist to learn new chords, scales or modes very quickly.

Finally a reminder that using electric guitar tabs to learn new material is not a walk in the park – you need to supply some of the information which is otherwise written into sheet music. You need to have some idea of the note values and a basic understanding of time signatures and tempo. What that boils down to is that you can hear the music in your head, and you just want to know where to put your fingers on the fretboard. That is what guitar tabs were originally made for.


BODY COUNT Release New Video For “Here I Go Again”

Los Angeles Thrash Metal legends BODY COUNT have released yet another music video in the wake of their widely acclaimed new album, Bloodlust. The band’s music video for the song “Here I Go Again” is arguably their most gory and horrific offering to date, all the while showcasing frontman Ice-T’s well-known fascination with the morbid side of art and playing the villain. Only befitting for such a video, the band has partnered with some of the biggest authorities on horror-focused entertainment, namely Bloody-Disgusting, Dread Central, and Blumhouse, to release the new video.

In addition to the new video for “Here I Go Again”, BODY COUNT will be making their long-awaited return to the stage in North America next month. The band will play their first show in the states since releasing Bloodlust on July 15th at the Chicago Open Air festival taking place at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL.


Official Website:

ARCH ENEMY Reveal Cover Art & Further Details On New Album, “Will To Power”, Out September 8 Via Century Media Records

Metal powerhouse ARCH ENEMY is ready to bring their fierce brand of metal to audiences worldwide as they announce details on their upcoming album, “Will To Power“, out September 8, 2017, via Century Media Records. The band is excited to reveal the album’s captivating cover artwork, as shown above, designed by Alex Reisfar.

Guitarist Michael Amott commented on the artwork:

“It was a pleasure working with Alex Reisfar on the ‘Will to Power’ cover artwork, he immediately grasped the concept and atmosphere we were looking for with this album. We talked about the double-edged sword that is human ambition, how it can be outstandingly creative and beautiful but can also be turned into something dark and powerful. Alex proceeded to masterfully paint a strong image that evokes a lot of feelings. The human skull as a central focal point, the flesh sort of falling off into the circular pattern. The snake Ouroboros weaving in and out of the mouths and throats of the severed heads of a wolf, a goat, and a vampire bat… All representing self-determination and a predatory, almost parasitic will to power”

Co-produced by Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson, the album was sent to long time collaborator and friend Jens Bogren (Opeth, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir) for mixing and mastering and marks legendary guitarist Jeff Loomis‘ (Nevermore) first recording with the band.

Following in the steps of their most acclaimed album to date, “War Eternal“, which saw the band reach their highest charts in the US and Germany to date, “Will To Power” will continue to smash records worldwide.

While full details and pre-order information on “Will To Power” will be made available in the coming weeks, fans can currently take part in a special campaign which will allow them to sign up and have their name featured in the “Will To Power” Deluxe Box Set Edition. For further details and to have your name included, please visit:

Having performed over 200 shows in more than 40 countries in support of their previous effort, ARCH ENEMY will continue fervently bringing their show to ever-growing audiences worldwide across the European festival market this summer. They are also excited to announce the first leg of their international “Will To Power Tour 2017” which will commence from September 15 through October 11 across Eastern Europe and will feature special guests, Jinjer. A full list of their upcoming appearances can be found below. There will be a US tour coming this fall as well. Stay tuned for further tour dates!


ARCH ENEMY @ Summer festivals 2017
06.07.2017 Rock Harz Festival, Ballenstedt, Germany
08.07.2017 Resurrection Fest, Viveiro, Spain
12.07.2017 Rockmarathon, Dunaújváros, Hungary
15.07.2017 Gefle Metal Festival, Gavle, Sweden
04.08.2017 Rock Pod Kamenom Festival, Snina, Slovakia
05.08.2017 Ostrave v Plamenech, Ostrava, Czech Republic
07.08.2017 Festival Di Majano, Majano, Itlay
08.08.2017 Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn, Austria
10.08.2017 Leyendas Del Rock, Villena, Spain
11.08.2017 Vagos Metal Fest, Vagos, Portugal
12.08.2017 Into The Grave, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
13.08.2017 Bloodstock Open Air, Walton-On-Trent, UK

ARCH ENEMY “Will To Power Tour 2017” w/ special guest Jinjer
15.09.2017 Music Hall, Innsbruck, Austria
16.09.2017 Posthof, Linz, Austria
17.09.2017 Cvetlicarna, Ljubljana, Slovenia
18.09.2017 Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia
20.09.2017 Quantic Club Open Air Stage, Bucharest, Romania
21.09.2017 Universiada Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
22.09.2017 Piraeus 117 Academy, Athens, Greece
23.09.2017 Principal Club Theater Thessaloniki, Greece
25.09.2017 Majestic Music Club, Bratislava, Slovakia
26.09.2017 Progresja, Warsaw, Poland
27.09.2017 Loftas, Vilnius, Lithuania
29.09.2017 Melna Piektdiena, Riga, Latvia
30.09.2017 Rock Café, Tallinn, Estonia
01.10.2017 The Circus, Helsinki, Finland
03.10.2017 Re:Public, Minsk, Belarus *
04.10.2017 Aurora, St. Petersburg, Russia *
06.10.2017 Otdyh, Novosibirsk, Russia *
08.10.2017 Tele Club, Yekaterinburg, Russia *
10.10.2017 Yotaspace, Moscow, Russia *
11.10.2017 Zvezda, Samara, Russia *
*without Jinjer

Tickets for all shows are available here:

ARCH ENEMY online:

Widow’s Latest Release Carved In Stone Will Have You Rockin

Five years after Life’s Blood, North Carolina’s beauties WIDOW presents a brand-new album that will leave no one indifferent. Carved In Stone is a fifth album released over the last thirteen years. This album marks the arrival of a new drummer, who joined the already established singers/guitarists John E. Wooten IV and Cristof Bennett. The band still plays a wonderful mix of traditional American-rooted hard rock and fine old-school metal. When listening to the songs, one cannot help but notice the qualities one would traditionally find in classics like OZZY OSBOURNE, ALICE COOPER, VAN HALEN or even hints of LION, in a metal style that the band fully masters and even brings to new grounds. WIDOW will dazzle the listener with strong titles like “Another Time and Place” or “And We Are One”. Headbanging and fist pumping tracks like “Wisdom” and “Of the Blood We Bind” could even awake a dead body from its torpor. Then, like a rollercoaster, WIDOW slows the pace down with “Time On Your Side”, but soon sets all engines on again with songs like “Borrowed Time” and “Live by the Flame”. This album is definitely a must.

Widow’s latest record, Carved in Stone, has all of the ingredients you need for a kick-ass record.  Catchy riffs, blazing drums, and jamming bass lines!  Widow needs more exposure in the US market as they’re talented! 7.5/10 stars.

Web: 26147

ReverbNation Featured Artist Brennan Dylan


I  started playing sax & composing when I was 10, performing classical, jazz & swing in school stage bands. When I was 14 I picked up a guitar for the first time…….it was like I’d inherited freedom. My high school music teacher told me that guitar wasn’t an instrument. I ignored him &, studied rock/metal guitar for the 1st year. I wrote rock & metal songs which I started recording when GarageBand was released. I was 15 and switched to classical guitar study, but I listened to metal, i.e., Megadeth, Malmsteen, Deep Purple, Pantera, etc. I also started performing jazz, rock & blues improv guitar at a club then which lasted all through high school. I branched out & studied everything from Motorhead to Dick Dale to Bach. I was in a surf band one summer. I moved into electronic music & incorporated that into my hard rocking metal compositions before I moved to Boston to study Performance Guitar at Berklee College of Music. After Berklee, I moved to LA where I played the Strip as a solo artist. I performed with some major acts at the Whisky, i.e., Michael Angelo Batio, DeathRiders, Gorillaz, as well as many other established, acts.


I received my first radio play when I was 16.  2 Southern California University stations, picked up my music & I was away. Indie labels started sniffing around then & have been ever since, but nothing has gelled yet. I’ve been getting ongoing press since 2010. After LA I moved to NYC & in 2013 formed Men Without Armies. Our self-titled release ran across the USA, Great Britain, Europe, Canada & South America via radio & magazines, both terrestrial & the internet. That simple three man band was the formula I’d been searching for in the trees rather than the forest.

Pure ripping metal has been coursing through my veins since I first picked up a guitar. My adventures to incorporate every genre that has a beat, into my metal compositions was very necessary & still is. I want to study it all but most of all I want to become a better guitar player & composer. By straying from the herd, I think that I can accomplish that………no one has a monopoly on anything, even a flat tire kicks off a beat. I may not like all music genres, but I’ve always been able to find great guitar players &/or composers in all I’ve studied. Unique &, interesting guitar techniques & finger stylings might have been developed by a guitar player partial to a particular genre like I am, but that isn’t to say those ideas must stay in that type. There is no hard & fast guitar rule other than don’t try to trick your audience into playing back screaming guitar work that was recorded in the studio & doctored to death then pretending it’s you blinding fans with your live, mad axe. That’s as bad as lip syncing super stars.

The songs on Strapped & Loaded took more than a year to create. Over the course of a year, I wrote 53 new songs. Those were whittled down to 20 and expanded upon. I cut eight then fully developed the remaining 12 into complete works which I recorded with my gear. I also did something I vowed I’d never do………..I studied country music artists, focusing on great country guitar players, as well as, successful songwriters.

The compositions & arrangements are only part of the story for songwriting; lyrics are another. Dude listened to my new songs & wrote the lyrics before entering the studio. The problem with that is things always change when it go time. If we were signed & had months to lounge around a studio, there wouldn’t be a go time until the label’s A&R person laid down the law by calling in a pack of rabid dogs, to get our attention. Like most bands at our stage, money is extremely tight so burning almost two days of studio time was the difference between finishing what we set out to accomplish & not. But that’s life, the show goes on, and we’ll deal with the money issue later. Meanwhile, I didn’t like what Dude wrote because his lyrics didn’t mesh with my compositions. So Dude got up at four every morning, went to the motel’s TV room, put headphones on & wrote through each finished song until he found what he was looking for. He took those to the studio where he made adjustments & re-writes until we were in sync.

Now it’s no secret to any living professional musician that the internet crushed the music business model with such devastation that many just called it quits and went to work for peanuts & party leftovers. But that destruction is starting to be regenerated as more & more labels realize the size of the market for hard rock & metal. Besides, there are only so many years that people will tune into terrestrial radio stations blasting only Classic Rock before they tune out completely & tune into internet radio stations that are blasting new hard rock & metal. Somewhere along the way, Men Without Armies slipped a disc. Our original drummer & bass player/vocalist moved to what they thought were greener pastures, while Dude & I hunkered down in a bomb shelter. We landed Derek Bachtold, our new drummer; Vibe Studios was still a going concern plus Canada Council for the Arts awarded me a music creation & production grant. MONEY!!! I played all guitars, including bass & Johnny, lent us his tonsils. Suddenly the sun was shining; the truck was tanked up with gas and Men Without Armies is ready for round two.

Round Two – Strapped & ReLoaded Now this is the plan. Strapped & Loaded is now a six-song EP instead of a 12 song CD. But when we were at Vibe we also recorded the remaining six songs without vocals. These six instrumentals have been amped with searing guitar solos which have become our trademark & something our fans have come to expect, so they will also be released. This six-song EP will be called Strapped & ReLoaded. Plus…..we are readying for a fall 2017 tour


Strapped & Loaded (EP) speaks about our times, and 3 of the songs have a military theme. The song Strapped & Loaded is the recording’s single and has a double meaning. Dude also wrote it to help give my mom strength & courage to battle her cancer. Crash on Burn is all about Vegas. The title for Fast Life in Hollywood says it all. The Gun Show was written to help bring more awareness of living life inside of our inner cities, to those living the great life in places like Man Hat Tan – grab a coat, got a plane to catch, see ya man.


Brennan Dylan – guitar, compositions, producer, keys Derek Bachtold – drums Dude Diablo – lyrics *Bassist/Vocalist – auditioning


Guitar: Gary Kramer Illusionist Deluxe, I’m sponsored by Gary Kramer Guitar

Strings: D’Addario 09-42 Super Light, Nickel Wound

Cabinet: Orange 2 speaker closed back

Plant:1)  Furman M-DX Power Conditioner

2) FRACTAL Audio Systems Axe-Fx II preamp/processor – rather than use an amp(I like a heavy sound & live in a condo) I use a processor. The 2 amp settings I use are Friedman HBE & Eddie Van Halen 5150. I’m not big on  effects & don’t use them live but have them if I want to play around at home

3) ART SLA2 200 watt power amp

4) SKB shock loaded rig rack

This set up allows me to get a great sound at low volume for practicing at home but also gives me the muscle to step it up if a club’s sound person is too loaded to turn on my cab mic


Social Media

Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: Linkedin: www.linkedin/in/brennandylan Youtube:

Nitro Makes Its Next Move And Announces Producer Of New Album

NITRO makes its next move, and this revelation is just as impressive as last week’s when the band revealed that VICTOR WOOTEN would be the bass player on the new NITRO album and a previous announcement that drummer, CHRIS ADLER (Lamb of God), has joined the band.

Joining ‘Team NITRO‘ is multi-GRAMMY Award nominee, KANE CHURKO, who’s songwriting, producing and engineering credentials are second-to-none. CHURKO has worked with Ozzy Osborne, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Hellyeah, Papa Roach and more. In addition to producing the new NITRO album, CHURKO will also be contributing his songwriting talents.

“It’s exciting to be part of NITRO’s evolution and the opportunity to record a legendary vocalist such as JIM GILLETTE was not one I wanted to pass up. We’ve had a lot of fun working on new music together at The Hideout Recording Studio. I think it’s going to please old and new fans alike. With such a phenomenal lineup, it should be evident that NITRO is back and ready to compete with the best-of-the-best.”, said CHURKO.

A release date for the new NITRO album, currently being recorded, is forthcoming. The band plans to debut a single from the new record along with a promotional video. Those and other exciting announcements are forthcoming.


Spotify Set To Pay ‘$2 Billion In Payments To Record Labels’

My question is, are the artists/bands going to see a dime of this money? -Andrew

Last week (NET NEWS 6/15), SPOTIFY VP/Global Head Of Sales BRIAN BENEDIK posted a blog celebrating the fact that the streamer has surpassed 140 million global monthly active users. Wrote BENEDIK, “On the eve of CANNES LIONS 2017, the Advertising Festival of Creativity, this is a particularly meaningful development, as our brand partners now have a bigger opportunity than ever to activate SPOTIFY’s free user base.”

Now, more big news from SPOTIFY, as RECODE reports the company, “will pay music labels billions of dollars over the next two years. In financial filings released this morning, SPOTIFY says it has agreed to pay more than $2 billion in minimum payments to record labels over the next two years. SPOTIFY doesn’t spell out who that money is going to, but people familiar with the company confirm it is talking about two deals it has recently signed with UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, the world’s biggest music label, which has about a third of the market, and MERLIN, which represents a large group of independent labels.”

Dedicated to the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Guitarist!