June 2, 2023
Arch Enemy & Trivium Announce Co-Headlining North American Fall Tour

By Andrew Catania

Arch Enemy releases their new album, Will To Power today.  This is the second album with Alissa White-Gluz.  Alissa is the third singer for Arch Enemy.  Will To Power also marks the first studio effort with Jeff Loomis.

I was looking forward to this release since this would be the first with the addition of Loomis.  Sadly, Loomis doesn’t have any writing credits or makes an impact on this album fans of his would’ve liked.  His playing is great on Will To Power; you can feel he’s somewhat restrained.  I’m sure this was done by design seeing the album was produced by founding member/guitarist Michael Amott.  If given a chance, Loomis would’ve schooled Amott on how to write great songs.

The lyrics haven’t improved.  I was hoping with White-Gluz in the band they would.  The album isn’t a total fail.  Songs like “The Word Is Yours” sounds like some of the band’s classics.  “The Eagle Flies Alone” is a masterpiece musically.   Lyrically, Will To Power sounds like Amott got together with a bunch of middle schoolers and wrote about pre-pubescent issues.

Arch Enemy still kicks ass live.  Alissa White-Gluz and Jeff Loomis are welcomed additions to the band.   Amott has to give up some creative direction of the band to other members.  Until then, we’ll have to deal with the same sixth grader lyrics and basic riffs he plays.  He won’t unleash Loomis because he knows he’s a superior player and writer to him.  7/10 stars

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