Annihilator’s Massive Riffs Rock “Ballistic, Sadistic”

By Allyson Kingsley

 If you are a metalhead worth your salt there is probably no need to go into who  Annihilator are, especially as they have been impacting the thrash metal genre since 1984. If you are new to the metal world I highly recommend taking some time to delve into this Canadian metal band’s vast discography. What we know as the thrash genre today is a little different than the 80s and 90s era. Regardless it is what I grew up with and so many bands of that era influence many of us today. Jeff Waters (founding member) and company  tap back into the raw urgency of their mid-80s output, fusing hard-driving riffs and fist-pumping bursts of speed metal with more of Jeff’s melodic fretwork.

   Ballistic, Sadistic is an album with blistering assaults of thrash metal riffs and pounding rhythms that will appeal to fans of old and new alike. Annihilator continue to carve a niche for themselves among the metal elite with face-melting tracks like “Lip Service” and “Riot” with their epic, emotive and impassioned vibes. 

They certainly stay on the old-school side of the fence but every once in awhile you catch some nuances in the rhythms that remind you of some of the younger cats. While the majority of this album is as furious as anything the band has done, it also has a plethora of some rather melodic infusions.

    Ballistic, Sadistic is a wild, unhinged, hyper-kinetic good time with more riffs packed into it than you can digest in a month. It has that classic speed metal insanity sound down, and most of the material feels as if it’s on the very edge of controlled mayhem.


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