Anette Olzon Discusses The New Dark Element Album And Nightwish

By Andrew Catania

Anette Olzon is a fabulous and talented singer.  I got into Nightwish when Anette was the singer.  When I heard the first The Dark Element album, I absolutely loved it.  Yani’s guitar playing with Anette’s voice complements each other.

I recently spoke to Anette regarding The Dark Elements’ new album, “Songs The Night Sings.”

Anette Olzon Discusses The New Dark Element Album And Nightwish

I love your new album!  How’s the reaction so far that you’re getting? You’re headbanging in the latest video, “Not Your Monster.”

AO: Our newest video has surpassed 205K views, and the fans seem to like it and are excited by it.  The comments have been great. I believe they like it, which is nice.

Will we see The Dark Element tour the US?

AO: With Nightwish, we went over to America many times.  I have been all around the continent.  When you’re smaller up in coming band like The Dark Element,  it’s tough to go over to America. With Nightwish, I said in another interview the first tour we did, we had to pay for the tour, and it sucked.  Yanni and I have been asked to go to Prog-Power, but it’s just not doable to do one show in the US as it would cost money.  America is a lovely place with a great fan base, and the audience is terrific with mosh pits and all.  It’s tough to get Visa’s approved to the US, and it costs a lot of money.

In our previous interview, when the first Dark Element album came out, you said your husband told you to do The Dark Element project?

AO:  He’s a death metal guy, and he likes much harder music than I do. We are very different. So when it comes to love, my more melodic style Alyson Avenue, for instance, that’s not his cup of tea. So when I get a question from the label or someone wanting to do a song, of course, I listen to myself, but I always also ask him, what do you think? When it came to The Dark Element, I was like, Nah, I don’t know. He told me to go for it. I’m doing The Dark Element, and he loves The Dark Element. That’s nice because that proves that our music can be appreciated even by real metalheads

Were you blown away by the response of the first Dark Element album?

AO: You always feel that something is excellent, and I thought that it was a good album for me. I think it was one of the best things I’ve done. I think my voice suits the songs well for this album.

Have Frontiers been asking for more out of you two since The Dark Element has been successful?

AO: I think they want us to do more and more and more, of course, because they can see that this is going well. They also say sometimes we’re not doing enough interviews or gigs. I’ve been very upfront that this is something I do for a hobby since I don’t do music that way anymore. I’m not a full-time singer. I have a regular job, and I have a family.  They do a lot for us, and we’re very grateful for Frontiers.

You were the one that got me into Nightwish with your singing.  I think they’ve gone more folk lately.

AO: When I was entering Nightwish, it wasn’t that much of folk music in it. It’s evolved, and now there is a lot of folk in their music. They’ve changed the style of the music.  It’s a divided fan base. Either you hate me, or you liked me.   I have gotten so much hate from being in that band, so it’s ridiculous. I still get it. There are always people that compared to Tarja, and we’re very different singers.  I may not be a growler of a metal vocalist. I’m a rock singer.  Nightwish has the singer they have, and I’m thrilled with The Dark Element.

How do you and Jani divide up the lyric writing and music?

AO: Yani makes the song, that’s how it goes. He said to me that if I want to do some lyrics, that’s fine. So for this album, he wrote to me in the middle of the writing session that if you have some lyrics, send them to me. He had writer’s block, and I just sat down and wrote some words that have meaning and set it to him.  He picked some of that for one song, Pills On My Pillow.   I had to co-write in that song. Otherwise, he makes the songs, I get them and go to the studio. I do the vocals and the harmonies, such as how I want them. If he likes it, he keeps it. He gets all the files that I’ve done, and he arranges it. He’s the kind of master of the songs. I made some arrangements and vocals.  I also did some lyrics this time.

Anette Olzon Discusses The New Dark Element Album And Nightwish

How do you feel you’ve evolved as a singer?

AO: I’ve always suffered from insecurities when it comes to my singing. Even since I was a tiny child, I’ve always loved to sing, but when it comes to criticism, I’m my most prominent critic. During the Nightwish period, with all the hatred I got, I lost a lot of self-confidence. I almost started thinking to myself that I couldn’t sing.  That’s how far it went. When Nightwish ended, I just decided I don’t want to do it for emotional fun. I want to sing because it’s fun. I stopped singing for a while.  When I went into this musical artist school where I was also critiqued, it was their way of getting you to be a more significant artist. They pushed you down to build you back up. Then it was tough because I don’t have that kind of self-confidence. I’m a natural singer, so I’m not like a schooled, opera or classical singer. I sing naturally with what God gave me.

I think I’ve evolved so much that with The Dark Element, I’m free to do what I do and feel confident about it.

Their new album, “Songs The Night Sings” is available everywhere!

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