Anette Olzon Delivers Another Great Album With ‘Strong’

Anette Olzon is one of my absolute favorite singers. She got treated like garbage from Nightwish and she’s better off without them.  When I heard her new album, Strong was coming out, I was very excited.

Anette has that powerful, larger-than-life voice that can pierce through anyone’s soul.  If you don’t think she’s an excellent singer, you have issues.

Strong is yet another example of Olzon’s fantastic voice that brought along some growling vocals thanks to Johan Husgafvel.  The only thing I don’t like about Strong is the keyboards and that Frontiers will half-ass promote this album in the states.  Hearing Anette’s vocals with loud guitars would be ideal.  I don’t know if she wanted the keyboards or if Frontiers insisted but they’ve been too busy as of late suing Dino Julesick.

Fantastic Fanatic is my favorite song on Strong.  Strong will be out on September 10th, 2021.  A must-buy for any fan of great rock with an amazing singer!

Anette Olzon Delivers Another Great Album With 'Strong'


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