Andy Timmons Releases “When Words Fail” In Front of April 1 Release Of ‘Electric Truth’

Andy Timmons has presented the second reveal from his upcoming new studio album titled ELECTRIC TRUTH, planned for a global release on April 1. To preview the composition “When Words Fail” click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q87X0JJXhs.    Timmons offers, “I love that instrumental music isn’t bound by the written word or spoken language. I’ve always felt it can go much deeper in terms of emotional expression. The listener is free to interpret and attach whatever meaning they need at that time. “When Words Fail…” embodies that feeling.”

Prior, Timmons presented “EWF,” a track he shared “epitomizes the record for me: A great band playing live in the studio – raw, funky, edgy…real. Very much inspired by the great guitarist Al McKay of Earth, Wind, and Fire.”  To screen a playthrough performance of the composition, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUA8VMlwAM4.

Reflecting on his connection to the instrument, Timmons shares, “Music and specifically the electric guitar has always been my solace and my foundation: something that I can always count on in good times and especially in bad. Something I can trust. In a world of so much misinformation and deceit, I find music and playing music more important now than ever before. Electric Truth.”

He continues, “When my friend (producer and guitarist extraordinaire) Josh Smith invited me to his studio to record, I jumped at the chance. I was looking to do a record outside of my usual band just to change things up a bit. I was a fan of Josh’s playing, and really loved the bands he puts together so we decided I would just come out to L.A. as the “artist,” and he would produce and put the studio band together. We co-wrote a few things, and I wrote a few ballads as well. I’d say overall the record has a funky/earthy feel to it with plenty of melodies. And it certainly rocks as well.”

Joining Timmons in the studio were drummer Lemar Carter (Joss Stone, Raphael Saadiq), bassist Travis Carlton (Larry Carlton, Robben Ford), and keyboardist Deron Johnson (Miles Davis, Stanley Clarke, Seal). Corry Pertile laid down vocals on a couple of tracks, while Smith performed on “Johnnie T”.

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