May 29, 2023
FINALLY! John Sykes New Album Will Be Out This Year!

By Andrew Catania

I think about all of the hard work my staff and I do to make this site what it is without making a penny.  We dedicate our time sifting through the majority of bullshit sent to us by bedroom YouTubers to find what we feel is good guitar playing along with the established veterans.  One person we’ve been waiting on for 20 years for some new music is John Sykes.  John has released a song here and there from the ‘Syops’ album we’ve been waiting on.

He made a big splash at NAMM in 2019 when he signed with an Australian record label Golden Robot Records and walked around with what everyone thought was either Blue Murder or his new solo band.  The relationship soured quickly and ended up with legal ramifications that I really don’t know how it ended.

It’s been rumored that Sykes doesn’t like the state of the music industry is his main reason for not releasing new music.  Who does?  I certainly don’t.  The veterans and the up-and-coming bands don’t either.  It sucks!

I am a HUGE Sykes fan.  He made the Whitesnake 87 album what it is with his tone and vibrato.  Disagree with me all you want, but Whitesnake wouldn’t be as big as they were without his riffs!

There’s a million different ways to release music without a label.  You can have campaigns where fans buy a level towards the funding of your album for certain gifts, Patreon, etc.

The guitar community needs your music, John Sykes.  The guitar and music community need a major kick in the balls and you’re just the person to do it!

You still have a legion of fans that would help fund a new album.  We would help in anyway shape possibleto help make this happen.

As one of your biggest fans, I urge you to make a new album!

If you need anything, please contact us!

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