Alter Bridge Knocks It Out Of The Park Again With “Walk The Sky”

Very few musicians have the chemistry that Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy have. Both have been busy with their respective other projects so Walk The Sky was written differently to previous albums, with both writing separately and then sharing their ideas digitally before all coming together and deciding which tracks worked the best

Photo by Cheyenne Comerford

As you press play, the unique voice of Kennedy greets you, backed by a slow and stripped back musical as you are warmly welcomed by ‘One Life’ before the electric is switched on and turned up to max on ‘Wouldn’t You Rather’ as a massive and very chunky riff really opens up the album in an outstanding manner, before the velvety voice drapes over everything. Walk The Sky already feels very special before the extremely talented Tremonti makes his solo mark incredibly.

This combination of styles flows through the 14 track release and keeps you wondering which method will be next; however, you are not wondering if the next will be filler as there’s none here.

Photo by Cheyenne Comerford

‘Take The Crown’ feels like it is far more than a song title, it is a statement, and I can’t help but think that this album does exactly that.

Photo by Cheyenne Comerford

Make no mistake about it, Tremonti and Kennedy will be in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame at some point.

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