Black Veil Brides 'The Phantom Tomorrow' Is The Breakthrough Album For Growing Their Fanbase

All That Shreds Magazines 2021 Album Of The Year: Black Veil Brides – The Phantom Tomorrow

By Andrew Catania

2021 has seen some strong releases in the hard rock and metal category  Iron Maiden, Exodus, Todd La Torre all had great albums released.  While I love these albums and have listened to them constantly.  One album kept sticking out and It has resonated with me through the midnight drives across Florida.

The songs on this album hit home with me about daily struggles in life.  The harmonies, guitar leads all hit home with me.  I’ve listened to this album more than 500 times since it was released on October 29, 2021.  I’m talking about Black Veil Brides’ latest release, The Phantom Tomorrow.

Andy and the guys have released the best album in their catalog.  The maturing of Andy Biersack’s lyrics along with a solid band consisting of Jake Pitts and Jinxx on guitar, Lonny Eagleton on bass, and Christian Coma on drums.

Every song on The Phantom Tomorrow I can relate to in some fashion.  When you’re picking an album to be the ‘best’ release of that specific year, you need to have your opinions listed and you’re almost guaranteed to have an internet troll use four-letter objectives to describe his disagreement with your decision.

BVB fanbase is getting older with this album release.  When I interviewed Jake Pitts, he confirmed he can see an older fanbase in their recent concerts.

With exceptional musicianship, lyrics that can resonate with all walks of life, melodies, and solos that make you want to crank this album is why we choose The Phantom Tomorrow as All That Shreds Magazines 2021 Album Of The Year.

All That Shreds Magazines 2021 Album Of The Year: Black Veil Brides - The Phantom Tomorrow

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