May 30, 2023
All That Shreds Magazine's 2019 Musician Of The Year: Jasmine Cain

There are many artists this year that are deserving of awards.  The trolls on the internet will never be satisfied with whatever artist you pick.  We usually just do guitarist and album of the year.  One person who’s been on my radar does play guitar but is a bass player too.  For the first time, All That Shreds Magazine has started a musician of the year too in 2019.

One thing that has started to become irritating with record labels is they put together these bands with a female lead singer with cookie-cutter lyrics and boring music.  I call these groups the Hot Topic bands. I believe these Hot Topic bands set aspiring female artists because the record labels are trying to shove a new fad in our faces that is utterly boring.

While the record labels are boring us with Hot Topic bands, here comes Jasmine Cain.

Multi-Award winning, Sturgis, SD, native, Jasmine Cain moved to Nashville in 2003 and went to work paving the way for female-fronted rock in the motorcycle events industry. Jasmine covers everything from Classic and Modern Rock to revved up Pop and Metal., but that isn’t all she is known for.. Jasmine has 6 studio albums of award-winning original music with her 7th titled “Seven” released in May 2019. Jasmine has won more than 30 awards for her music and performances including: JPF Female Artist of the Year, (MCMA) 4-time Female Rock Vocalist: and NIMA Artist and 2 time Alt-Rock band of the year to name a few. Her performances (over 120 shows in 2018) are professional, stadium-quality, and high energy, keeping the audience’s attention from the first note until the last. Her songs are emotional and timeless. and her voice is strong and soul-filled. taking audiences on a supercharged ride.

If you’re part of the motorcycle festivals, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Jasmine.  Growing up in Sturgis, Jasmine isn’t the ordinary musician that you run into.  Talented, Smart, Strong, Confident are some of the terms I’d use to describe her.  You’ll see Jasmine crowd surfing at our shows, climbing stage platforms doing things most musicians wouldn’t.  What happens if a club won’t pay her for an appearance?  I’m pretty sure if they didn’t pay her someone would be layed out on the floor. With no label backing, she’s her publicist, promoter, books her own shows and does her own social media.  Jasmine hasn’t had anything handed to her.  She’s had to earn everything working hard.

All That Shreds Magazine's 2019 Musician Of The Year: Jasmine Cain

With her newest album Seven, Jasmine has varied styles of songs on here.  From the mid-tempo first single released “Be Brave” to the album opener “Burnout.”  The story behind Be Brave was inspired by her longtime friend and co-writer, Paige Logan.  Seven is the best album Jasmine has put out so far.  Her vocals are sharp and crisp, the guitars and drums go fluidly, there isn’t a bad song on Seven.

Following Jasmine, over the last four years on social media, I’ve seen how hard she non stops touring and putting on a show that will make people never forget.  Especially her vocal range.

With no label back and being the Jane of all trades for her band, it’s easy to say, move overworld, here comes Jasmine Cain.

All That Shreds Magazine is proud to honor Jasmine Cain with being the first Musician of Year for 2019!

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11 thoughts on “All That Shreds Magazine’s 2019 Musician Of The Year: Jasmine Cain


  2. Congratulations! Jasime is one of the most talented, hardworking and humble rock stars that I know and this award is well-deserved! All the Caniacs agree! Love you girl!

  3. From the first second I saw her, I knew this woman meant business. Then, I heard her! OMG! I KNEW this WOMAN, would break thur that glass ceiling, welding her Guitar as a Sledgehammer, to announce her presence as one of the most talented, energetic, enthusiastic female ROCKERS of all time! My next thought was, this must have been what it was like to see and hear Janis Joplin for the first time. I was immediately blown away, danced all night long, at her concert, had a BLAST, stopped listening to pretty much any other music, and have become not only a lifetime fan, but also, once you get to meet her, realize this Woman and her band, is one of the most humble, hardworking, genuine, group of people, that one would ever be honored enough to meet in this lifetime. I am PROUD to say I consider her a friend, and I pray that God will Bless her and her crew, with their continued success in the music industry.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Jasmine. You have worked hard and it sure paid off. Very proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep goin’ girl!!! ☮️✌️☮️✌️⏰

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