Gus G's New Superb Firewind Album: Did Ozzy Miss The Boat?

All That Shreds Guitarist Of The Year For 2020: Gus G

There’s a lot of guitarists that have released good music during 2020.  With most of the world staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been adjusting to how to write and release music and performing live via streaming.

Gus G was under a time limit to get out the new Firewind and hired Herbie Langhans as their new vocalist.

We could go on about how Gus G’s phrasing, tone, passion, songwriting, performing, and playing makes him the whole package.

The quote below I wrote reviewing Firewind’s new album this past May describes Gus:

Gus G is one of the best metal guitarists out there.  I could go on about him.  He has a superb tone and excellent skill. No offense to Zakk as he is superb in his own right, but Ozzy missed a huge opportunity to write and collaborate with Gus G as his writing, playing, and producing skills are far superior to anything Ozzy has done with Zakk Wylde.  Want proof? Grab Firewind’s Self-Titled 2020 Album

Ozzy missed a very huge opportunity to make a great album with Gus G.  We still get to hear his phenomenal playing on Firewind’s music.

Congratulations to Gus G for being All That Shreds Guitarist of the Year for 2020!

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