All That Shreds Exclusive: Conman TTM Guitars Lance Benedict Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

It was expected, and now it’s official.  Conman, scam artist Lance Benedict has officially filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection.

Filed on April 8, 2020, in Riverside County California, Benedict listed liabilities totaling $285,000, which includes lawsuits from his former business partners and the assessed fines from the California Department Of Business Oversight.

Benedicts Bankruptcy filing paints a picture of someone who basically scammed everyone from Federal Express to deliver his crappy made Chinese products, Capital One which details charges of someone living on credit cards for his daily trips to McDonald’s

The question is, does this filing stop all legal proceedings? This puts an automatic stay on the proceedings he’s listed as debt. The big question is, if his lawsuit is proved he committed fraud, his filing could be null and void.

The other telling by this filing is Benedict didn’t include his wife Karen in the filing.  We’ve been notified and have learned that Benedict shifted whatever funds he had left, the TTM Guitars PayPal to his wife Karen’s name. This is why he didn’t include her.  He could’ve also transferred them to his son Brock. With Benedict withholding that information and affirming on the Bankruptcy paperwork, he could be charged with Bankruptcy Fraud.

There are still ongoing state and federal criminal investigations against Benedict.

If need to fie a claim to Benedicts Bankruptcy or would like to let the Bankruptcy Trustee know about his fraud:

United States Trustee (RS)City: Riverside    Phone: (951) 276-6990Fax: (951) 276-6973Email: ustpregion16.rs.ecf@usdoj.gov
Trustee: Arturo Cisneros (TR)City: Riverside    Phone: (951) 328-3124Email: amctrustee@mclaw.org

If you’d like to look at Benedict’s 61-page Bankruptcy filing here it is:


One thought on “All That Shreds Exclusive: Conman TTM Guitars Lance Benedict Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  1. dude, all the people who are suing him for fraud are listed on that bankruptcy document. He is definitely trying to get out of this.

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