All That Remains Recruits Guitarist Jason Richardson, Plans To Honor Oli Hebert On Upcoming Tour

Last month, Massachusetts metallers ALL THAT REMAINS suffered a tragic and incredibly painful loss when their globally renowned, highly respected, and immeasurably talented lead guitarist and founding member Oli Herbert, unexpectedly passed away.

Herbert played on all nine albums in the band’s discography and was especially proud of the new album, “Victim Of The New Disease”, which is out today via Eleven Seven Music. The album is both a tour de force and a testament to Herbert‘s legacy.

The surviving members of ALL THAT REMAINS — Philip Labonte (lead vocals), Mike Martin(guitar), Jason Costa (drums) and Aaron Patrick (bass, backing vocals) — plan to further honor the passion that Herbert felt for both the album and the band by continuing on.

The band will embark on the previously scheduled European tour with SEVENDUST this December. Guitar virtuoso and YouTube personality Jason Richardson (ALL SHALL PERISHCHELSEA GRINBORN OF OSIRIS) has come on board and will fill in on the upcoming trek.

“Losing Oli has been a tremendous blow to the core of ALL THAT REMAINS,” says Labonte, “but I know he wouldn’t want anything other than for us to continue. He loved this record so much — it’s some of our best work. We look forward to sharing the music with everyone — seeing our fans from the stage. From where Oli loved most. It’ll be cathartic. We’ll need it to be.”

Prior to the album’s release, the band shared an epic trifecta of new tracks “Fuck Love”“Wasteland” and “Everything’s Wrong”. The songs were met with near-universal acclaim and genuine excitement from the rock and metal communities.

Labonte offered this insight into the album, saying: “We decided to throw a curveball… and do the heaviest record since ‘For We Are Many’ in 2010! It was the perfect way to follow up ‘Madness’, where we did some different styles and songs and even covered a country song. People might’ve expected something more experimental, but throwing curveballs is what we do.”

“Victim Of The New Disease” also features a vocal cameo from ASKING ALEXANDRIA‘s Danny Worsnop on “Just Tell Me Something”.

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