Guitarist Alex Masi Discusses Lack Of Royalty Payments And The Return Of Dark Lord

Alex Masi Raising Funds on IndieGoGo For A New Album

By Andrew Catania

Guitarist Alex Masi is ready to record a new album and he needs your help.  Alex is using IndieGoGo to raise funds towards the recording of a new album.  You can get perks such as a digital download of his new album, private guitar lesson, and even a private music performance.  Details about the fundraising can be found here

Alex spoke with All That Shreds last year about his experiences with the music business.  You can read the interview here


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  1. I think at this stage in his career he shouldn’t
    Have to ask for funding like somone at the start
    An wth the technology today .why doesn’t he have his own studio oh well his music..great talent

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