August 15, 2022
Album Review: Vile Child - Stalking The Streets

By: Michalle Henderson

Heavy Metal talent is hidden in Las Vegas! A small local Las Vegas band named Vile Child just released a new digital CD on March 1st called Stalking the Streets.  When I heard that the Lead Guitarist, Geddy Reyes, of Metal band Taking Dawn started a sideband of his own I had to check them out.

Prepare to be blown after you listen to their sinister songs as they deliver raw metal, screaming melodic lyrics, and some of the best shredding guitars I have ever heard. The band is currently composed of Geddy Reyes: Guitar & Lead Vox, Kevin Balzano: Guitar & backup Vox, Damien Kelly: Drums, and Daniel Vargas: Bass Guitar.

To entice other Metal enthusiasts to give the CD a listen, I feel the need to tell you the powerhouse vocal range reminded me of Ronnie James Dio, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, and the deep raunchiness of Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead.  Aside from some gnarly screams, the singer can also bust out some dazzlingly high wails. It was a pure pleasing shock. The pummeling barrage of guitar riff after riff could almost be compared to Dimebag Darrell of Pantera or Randy Rhoads of Ozzy Osborne. It’s not just loud screaming and guitars, it’s more than that with the Melodic deep lyrics, it becomes metal with your heart on your sleeve.

Album Review: Vile Child - Stalking The Streets

My favorite thing about listening to metal music is that you get an opportunity to deal with aggression, bite down, and deal with raw emotions.  As I listened to this album, I found myself thrashing, pumping my fist, stomping my feet, and gritting my teeth as I felt the emotion.  The album is delivered by a well written, beyond talented guitar team with fucking mad skills, and the shocking vocal range that Reyes hits is just crazy.  Rock is definitely not dead!

Album Review: Vile Child - Stalking The Streets

This band needs to get more exposure; I can’t see them remaining a hidden gem in Vegas for much longer. For a headbanging good time download the album, play it loud, and pump your fists to my favorites off the new album, “The Final Solution”, “Stoned to the Bone”, “The Ones you Betray”, “Take the Turn” and “Tonight.”  You can also sit back and take a breather with the touchingly deep guitar solo “Charon’s Obol” where almost a Puerto Rican vibe comes through. I’ve already added the album to my favorites and I’m sure you will too.

Michalle Henderson is a freelance photographer from Michigan and can be reached on Instagram @michalle_henderson_photography 

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