August 17, 2022
Album Review: Nita Strauss - Controlled Chaos

By Andrew Catania 

Although we live in the twenty-first century, the topic of women in rock and metal remains a contentious one. That goes for both fans and musicians—but as the more visible group, female performers are forced to accept a certain amount of discrimination and rejection and take it as the “standard norm”  of the industry.   You’ll always have to deal with the trolls saying sexual comments.  Nita Strauss has spent her life trying to make it in the music business.   Nita is a highly intelligent person with a go-getter attitude.  When I interviewed her, she told me she always asked people to keep her in mind if they heard of any gig openings.  That paid dividends for her as she got the Alice Cooper gig.   In Nita’s own words, “Leave No Doubt.”

Controlled Chaos shines Nita’s talent on her Ibanez.  This is evident in the intro “Prepare For War” which rips right into the first track on the album “Algeria.” The rolling scale Strauss tackles are a fascinating trickle up and down the neck of her guitar showcasing the depths of her skills.

As the album progresses, we hear more of the dynamics she is capable of creating in her work with the sliding scales and licks that are expertly placed throughout songs like “The Quest.”

Nita is marketing herself well and being one on the forefront is the ‘spokesperson’ for instrumental guitar music.  She’s getting press many others aren’t.

Anyone who claims to doubt Nita Strauss’s ability after listening to Controlled Chaos is either deaf, a tool, troll or a combo of the three.  She’s masterfully taken herself from the Iron Maidens to playing arenas with Alice Cooper.  This is something I predict her former Iron Maidens bandmate and super shredder Courtney Cox will be doing once her album is released.   8/10 Rating

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