June 3, 2023
Album Review:  Kryptos - Afterburner

By Allyson Kingsley

Joy to the world when I receive a fucking powerhouse of an album that my neighbors can join me in enjoying. From Bangalore, India Kryptos have seen sometimes. Formed in 1998, they were the first Indian metal band to tour Europe. They culture their own traditional epic heavy metal sound with of course a thrash influence. You could almost swear you were listening to an NWOBHM album. I  describe it as combining Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Helloween, and Murderdolls. The formidable musicians are Nolan Lewis (vocalist/rhythm guitarist), Rohit Chaturvedi (lead guitarist), Deepak Raghu ( drummer)and Ganesh K (bassist). Kryptos demonstrate excellent musicianship, riffs to die for, unbridled energy and a real sense of anthem. Although after a listen through, Afterburner is not entirely original it is a phenomenal album that just picks you up.

Album Review:  Kryptos - Afterburner

The title track immediately hooks you in with the dual guitars blazing a path through this and the entire album. I have to note that Nolan’s vocals remind me so much of Wednesday 13’s sexy grittiness. Check out the track “Cold Blood” and you will hear what I mean.

Both guitarists are certainly at home delivering the 80s traditional metal feel. Check out “Dead of Night” with its trademark venomous assault famous in the genre and their songwriting prowess that ventures into melodic realms. Throughout the release, the production is crisp and impacting. With the beginning of “Crimson Queen”, I was instantly reminded of Anvil with their classic “March of the Crabs”. There is a lot to love with Afterburner as Kryptos combine visceral power, expansive melodies, and enthralling complexity.




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